Gradient Thermal Cycler (PCR)
Microplate Reader (Elisa Reader)
Research grade Optical Microscopes
UV-Visible Spectrophotometer for Biotechnology applications
Visible Spectrophotometers
Electrophoresis Systems
Bioreactor (3L)
Ultra Deep Freezer
Cooling Centrifuge
Shaking Incubators
Automatic Autoclaves
Ultra-pure Water Purification System
De-ionized Water System
Bio-Safety cabinet
Laminar Flow Chambers

Modern Laboratories:

The Department is equipped with modern Laboratories with state of art facilities, in Microbiology Lab., Biochemistry Lab., Molecular Biology & Genetics Lab. and Genetics Engineering Lab. The Department is in the process of equipping with laboratories like Bioprocess Engineering, Bioreaction Engineering, Bioinformatics, Down Stream Processing and Bioprocess Instrumentation Control.

Department has SuperPro Designer software for Modelling and Simulation of Bioprocesses laboratory.

Departmental Seminar Hall:

The Department has its own seminar hall with L.C.D. projector and Internet connectivity. Several classroom lectures, Seminars from external experts and student seminars are organized on a regular basis in this seminar hallLibrary Books/Journals:The Central Library is equipped with all the best textbooks and reference books (Latest editions) in sufficient numbers to meet the requirement of all the students. The Digital Library is very much useful to all the students. Several international and national journals in the field of Biotechnology and related areas are subscribed through MHRD-INDEST programme. These journals can be accessed by the students through the LAN facility.