Completed Projects

The Department of Civil Engineering has successfully completed the following R&D projects, being sponsored by various funding agencies.



  1. High Quality Low Cost Ferro Cement Housing – MHRD Sponsored R&D Project
  2. Performance Evaluation and Analytical Modelling of Ferrocement Skin Element under Torsion (2004 to 2007), sponsored by DST (12.26 lakhs)
  3. Structural Properties of high volume fly ash concrete, Sponsored by AICTE under TAPTEC Scheme, 2001 – 2004 (Rs. 7.50 lakhs)
  4. Effect of Lateral Rein-forcemeat on strength and deformation of RC columns with different slenderness Ratio, UGC Grants, 1978-80 (0.42 Lakhs).
  5. Prestressed concrete box girders in tortion, bending, bending and tortion and bending and shear, UGC Grants, 1978-80 (0.50 Lakhs).
  6. Optimisation in RC Structures, Ministry of Education and Culture, 1979-81 (0.25 lakhs)
  7. Investigation of Strength and Deformation of Lime/Pozzolona/Cement Mortars, CSIR Grants, 1981-82 (0.50 Lakhs).
  8. Design and construction of Ferrocement stressed skin surface, CSIR Grants, (1.25 Lakhs).
  9. Study of the complete behavior of RCC slabs using welded wire fabric as reinforcement, UGC Grants, 1986-88 (0.57 Lakhs).
  10. Analytical and Experimental study of prediction of crack widths in RC Roof elements, UGC Grants, 1987-89 (0.05 Lakhs).
  11. A Multipurpose ferrocement element for rural applications, APCOST Grants, 1993-95 (0.50 Lakhs).
  12. Development of Prototype testing facility for low cost Ferrocement Structural elements, AICTE Grants, 1993-95, (5.00 Lakhs).
  13. Design methodology for high strength silica fume concrete mixes, INCCMS Grants, 1994-96 (3.25 Lakhs).
  14. Strengthening of RC beams with Ferrocement jacketing, INCCMS Grants, 1996-98 (3.50 Lakhs).
  15. A Study on the effects of High volume Fly ash on the Structural properties of Concrete, MHRD Grants, 2000-02 (7.00 Lakhs).
  16. Performance evaluation and analytical modeling of ferrocement skin elements under torsion, DST Grants, 2003-05 (10.87 Lakhs).
  17. Structural Dynamics Laboratory Development Grant, NPEEE Grants, 2004-06 (15.00 Lakhs).
  18. High Quality Low Cost Ferrocement Housing, sponsored by M.H.R.D., New Delhi.



  1. High Quality Low Cost Ferrocement Housing, sponsored by M.H.R.D., New Delhi.



  1. Ground water Recharge using RS & GIS Approach, sponsored by M.H.R.D., New Delhi



  1. Accident Analysis in Hyderabad City, sponsored by Ministry of Home Affairs; sponsored by GoAP, Hyderabad
  2. Analysis, Modelling and Management of Air Pollution due to Motor Traffic Under Multimodal Environment”, R&D Project Sponsored by MHRD, New Delhi. 2000-2003. (Rs. 5.00 lakhs).
  3. Centre for Transportation Engineering; sponsored by MHRD, GOI, New Delhi
  4. Development of Landuse Transportation Demand Model for the Spatial Allocation of Activities and Landuse in Metropolitan Areas; sponsored by Ministry of Education, GOI, New Delhi
  5. Development of Optimal Road Network Patterns in Andhra Pradesh; sponsored by Ministry of Education, GOI, New Delhi
  6. Development of Standards for Highway Capacity under Mixed Traffic Conditions; sponsored by UGC, New Delhi
  7. Effect of Traffic Workshop on the Behaviour of Traffic in Hyderabad City; sponsored by CSIR, GOI, New Delhi
  8. Modelling Urban Growth with Decision Support System; sponsored by MHRD, GOI, New Delhi
  9. Modernisation and Upgradation of Centre for Transportation Engineering, Level 1 FIST Project sponsored by DST, New Delhi. 2003-2008. (Rs. 40.00 lakhs)
  10. Permanent Traffic Counting Station at Regional Engineering College, Warangal, sponsored by R&B Department; sponsored by GoAP, Hyderabad
  11. Public Transportation in Urban Areas: Bus Routes Optimization and Scheduling; sponsored by CSIR, GOI, New Delhi
  12. R-11: Transportation Modelling on Regional Basis for Trunk Route System; sponsored by MOSRT&H, GOI, New Delhi
  13. R-13: Study of Road Intersections under Mixed Traffic Conditions; sponsored by MOSRT&H, GOI, New Delhi
  14. R-2 Phase-II: Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) Axle Load Spectral Analysis; sponsored by MOSRT&H, GOI, New Delhi
  15. R-3 Phase-III Establishment of Permanent Traffic Counting Stations on   National Highways in Andhra Pradesh; sponsored by MOSRT&H, GOI, New Delhi
  16. R-43: Trip Length Frequency Analysis for Commodity Carriers in AP, sponsored by MOSRT&H, GOI, New Delhi
  17. Road user cost study on National Highways in the state of AP: Data collection; sponsored by CRRI, New Delhi
  18. Rural road pavement performance study, sponsored by NRRDA, MoRD, GOI, New Delhi
  19. Safety in State Road Transport Undertakings; AICTE, GOI, New Delhi



  1. Neuro-Fuzzy Adaptive System for River Basin Management – Sanctioned by the REC,Warangal.
  2. Rainwater Management in Hard Rock Terrain Using Remote Sensing and GIS (2004 to 2007), sponsored by MHRD (Rs. 15.00 lakhs)
  3. Urban Storm Water Modelling and Transport Requirements for Hyderabad City; AICTE, GOI, New Delhi
  4. Watershed Development Project (1996 to 2005), sponsored by Ministry of Rural Development through District Rural Development Agency (Rs. 400.00 lakhs)
  5. Solid Waste Management Studies; sponsored by MHRD, GOI, New Delhi