Transportation Engineering Laboratory

Laboratory Equipment Photo Gallery

  • Floor Area                              : 334.63 m2
  • Faculty Incharge                     : Dr. Venkaiah Chowdary

Contact :

Office: 0870-246-2143

Mobile: 8332969252


  • Laboratory Staff                     : Sri K. Purushotham, Sri Mohd Abdul Gafar


  • Major Equipment:

¨Hubbard Field Stability

¨Wheel Tracking Test

¨Marshall Field Stability

¨Roller Compaction Machine

¨Smith’s Triaxial

¨Automatic Repeated Loading

¨Electro-Hydraulic Kneading Compactor

¨Lateral Strain Indicator


¨Driver Testing and Simulation Unit

¨Nuclear Dense Gauge

¨Sound Level Meter

¨MC 3 Portable Probe Continuous Density

¨Traffic Analyzer and counter Gauge

¨Kustoms Digital Radar Meter

¨Portable weigh Bridge

¨Exhaust Gas Analyzer and Smoke meter

¨Kleg Impact Test Apparatus for Instant

¨Portable Axle Load Analyzer


¨Portable falling weight Deflectometer



  • Services Offered to:
  1. IV B.Tech Civil Engineering – ISemester: Transportation Engineering Laboratory (CE402 )
  2. I M.Tech Transportation Engineering – I Semester : Traffic Measurements Laboratory (CE5605)
  3. I M.Tech Transportation Engineering – II Semester:  Pavement Materials and Evaluation Laboratory (CE5654)
  4. B.Tech Project Works
  5. M.Tech Dissertation Works


  • Laboratory Contact:  0870-246-2163