Materials And Systems Engineering Design

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Warangal has taken initiative to start a new M.Tech. programme in Materials and System Engineering Design in collaboration with Nonferrous Materials Technology Development Centre (NFTDC), a research laboratory based at Hyderabad. NFTDC is an Advanced Technology Centre, actively involved in high technology research in the areas such as (i) aerospace (ii) energy (conventional and nonconventional), (iii) automotive, (iv) biomedical, (v) process engineering and (vi) environment sectors.

The basic core competence of the M.Tech. programme is (a) Design, (b) Advanced Materials & Manufacturing and (c) Controls and Instrumentation which have been integrated in all its research projects to render technology solutions in an end to end paradigm.

The primary objective of the programme is to train the student in selection of material and its processing, and control systems used in system engineering design such as energy systems: fuel cells / battery, automatic system: ECU of hybrid vehicle, Biomedical test rig of knee simulator and so on.

The present programme being of joint nature has to be of full time nature only with mandatory course work at NITW for first two semesters followed by third and fourth semester project work at NFTDC. The Lab sessions will be conducted at NFTDC.

Scheme & Syllabus

Career opportunities:

From amongst the graduating students, a few will be given an option of serving in NFTDC for one year as Senior Project Associate on completion of the programme. This will give the necessary work experience to the graduating students.  They also    become eligible to apply to be considered for Project Engineer and other positions in NFTDC as per the norms prevailing in the centre from time to time.

Academic Requirements for admission:

BE/BTech in Mechanical / Metallurgy / Materials Science / Production Engineering / Industrial & Production Engineering / Mechatronics, Aerospace / Automobile Engineering with valid GATE scores in Mechanical Engineering (ME) / Materials Technology (MT) / Automobile Engineering (AE) / Production and Industrial Engineering (PIE).

Course Duration:

Two academic years or four semesters.

For further information, contact the coordinator:

Dr. M J DAVIDSON, Assistant Professor,


Phone: 8985786887