Automobile Engineering

The programme was started in the academic year 2008-2009. The programme covers the basic subjects related to Automobile Engineering such as Prime Movers, Automobile Body Structures, Vehicle Dynamics, Automotive Materials, Sensors and Actuators and Manufacturing Processes, Advanced CAD and so on. The first two semesters cover course work facilitating the students to learn both fundamentals and recent advances in various core and elective subjects supported by laboratory courses, which include Automotive Engines Laboratory, CAD Laboratory and Simulation Laboratory. The third and fourth semesters are earmarked for dissertation Work. Students are generally encouraged to do their projects in the industry, wherever there are chances of exposure to various avenues in Automobile Engineering. Those, who work in the Institute, take up both theoretical (analytical or numerical) and experimental dissertation works.

Scheme & Syllabus

Career Opportunities:-

The automobile sector in India is growing at a faster rate for the last few years. It is expected that this growth continues for a few more years. This requires qualified technical manpower. It is hoped that the Automobile Engineering students would find good placement in this scenario. Some of the students, out of their passion for teaching cum research may even go for their Ph. D. in a specialized area.

Admission Prerequisites:-

B. E. or B. Tech. in Mechanical or Automobile or Aeronautical or Aerospace Engineering, with a First Class, and with a valid GATE score.

Course Duration:-

Two academic years or four semesters.

For further information, contact the coordinator:

Dr. G. Naga Srinivasulu, Assistant Professor
Phone: 0870-2462357