Rules and Regulations





The B.Tech programme shall follow the Semester Pattern and Credit system of evaluation with effect from the batches admitted in 2002-2003 and 2003-2004. The academic year is divided into two semesters.


Attendance in all classes (lecturers/tutorials, laboratories, workshops etc) is compulsory. A student may be debarred from appearing at an examination on grounds of unsatisfactory attendance, which is less than 80% of number of classes held.


In the first two semesters, students of all the programmes will have the same curricula. Every student admitted in the first year is required to register in one of the following Extra-Academic Activities (EAA) during each of the first two semesters:

NCC / NSS / NSO (Games & Sports)


• Every student of the B.Tech. courses is required to be present and register at the commencement of each semester on the day notified in the academic calender.

• The registration will be organized departmentally under the supervision of the Head of the Department.

• At the time of registration students should have

Cleared all the dues of Institute and Hostel in the previous semesters.

Paid the prescribed fees for the current semester, and

Not been debarred from registering for a specified period on disciplinary or any other ground.

• To register in the second year and continue his/her study in the Institute at the end of the first year, a student must:

complete satisfactorily at least 36 credits and

obtain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of not lower than 6.00 calculated on the basis of a combination of the best grades obtained by him/her to attain the minimum 36 credits.

A student failing to complete the above conditions satisfactorily, even after going through supplementary examinations, will have to discontinue his / her studies after the I year and leave the Institute.


• Students' performance will be evaluated on a 7-scale grading system using the following

'letter grades' and corresponding grade points per credit:






Very good

















In addition, there shall be two transitional grading symbols which can be used by the examiners to indicate the special position of a student in a subject.

I - for " Incomplete assessment". X- for " Debarred".

• A semester Grade Point Average will be computed for each semester. The SGPA will be calculated as follows:

    Σ Ci x GPi
SGPA = -----------------
    Σ Ci

where Ci = Credit for the course. GPi = the Grade Point obtained for the course and the summation over all the courses taken in that semester and n is the number of subjects registered for the semester.

A Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) will be computed for every student at the end of each semester. The CGPA would give the cumulative performance of a student from the first semester upto the end of the semester to which it refers and calculated as follows.

    Σ Si X Ci
CGPA = -----------------
    Σ Ci

Where 'm' is the total number of semesters under consideration. Ci the total number of credit registered for during a particular semester and

Si is the SGPA of that semester. Both SGPA and CGPA will be rounded off to the second place of decimal and recorded as such.

Assessment of Performance:

There will be continuous assessment of students' performance throughout the semester and grades will be awarded by the subject teacher/ co-ordination committee formed for this purpose. Each theory subject in a semester is evaluated for 100 marks, and the weightage of marks is given below:


Sub-component Weightage
Teacher's Assessment (T.A) 20%
Mid-semester Examination 30%
End-semester Examination 50%

The numeric marks obtained in each course will be converted to letter grades.

When a student gets the grade 'I' for incomplete assessment for any subject(s) during a semester, the SGPA of that semester and the CGPA at the end of that semester will be tentatively calculated ignoring this (these) subjects. After the 'I' grade(s) has (have) been

converted to appropriate grades, the SGPA and CGPA for the semester will finally be recalculated after taking into account these grades.

When a student gets the 'F' grade in any subject during a semester, the SGPA and the CGPA from that semester onwards will be tentatively calculated, taking only 'zero point' for each such 'F' grade. After the 'F' grade has been substituted by better grades during a subsequent semester, the SGPA and CGPA of all the semesters starting from the earliest semester in which the 'F' grade has been updated, will be recomputed and recorded to take this change of grade into account.

A student will be issued an Admit Card for appearing in the end-semester examination, only if he/she has:

• attendance record to the satisfaction of the teacher in the theory and laboratory classes.

• paid all Institute and Hostel dues of the semester

• not been debarred from appearing in the examination as a result of disciplinary proceedings.

Class tests, mid-semester examinations, assignments, viva-voce, laboratory assignments etc. are the constituent components of continuous assessment process, and a student must fulfill all these requirements as prescribed by the teacher/ co-ordination committee of the subject. If, due to any compelling reason (such as his/her illness, calamity in the family etc.) a student fails to meet any of the requirements within/on the scheduled date and time, the teacher/coordination committee in consultation with the concerned Head of the Department may take such steps (including conduction of compensatory tests/examinations) as deemed fit.

For assigning marks in Teachers Assessment (T.A.) performance in Home assignments, Class Tests, Viva Voce, attendance etc., may be considered. Two Class Tests, one before the mid- examinations and another after the mid-examination or One class test and one home assignment etc., may be used for the evaluation. The mode of evaluation and the nature of the Test may be intimated to the students in advance.

Each laboratory course may be evaluated as follows:

The numeric marks obtained in each course will be converted to letter grades.

Appearing in the end-semester examination in the theory / practical course is compulsory for a student. Unless exempted as stated below, if a student fails to appear in the end-semester examination, he/she will be assigned an 'F' grade in the subject and will not be permitted to appear at the supplementary examination for the subject.

However, if a student misses the end-semester examination due to a compelling reason like serious illness of himself/herself or a calamity in the family, he/she may appeal to the Dean, Student's Affairs through his/her Head of the Department for permitting himself/herself to appear at the supplementary examination (s). A sub-committee of the undergraduate program and Evaluation Committee consisting of the following members may, after examining the documents and being convinced about the merit of the case, recommend permitting him/her to appear in the supplementary examination(s) with full credit, condoning his / her absence.

i) The Dean of Students Affairs - Chairman ii) The Dean of Academic Affairs

iii) The Institute Medical officer

The Dy. Registrar / Asst. Registrar (Acad.) - will assist the committee.

Students will be permitted to appear in the examinations in only those subjects for which they have registered at the beginning of the semester.

The final grades awarded to the students in a subject must be submitted by the Teacher/Chairman, Coordination committee, within seven days from the date of holding the examination to the concerned Head of the Department for onward transmission to the Asst. Registrar (Academic)/ Officer In-charge Examinations.

The evaluation of performance in Extra-Academic Activities (EAA) will be done by the authorities conducting these activities.

Any change of grade of a student in a subject consequent upon detection of any genuine error of omission and/or commission on part of the concerned teacher, must be approved by the Departmental UG Committee and must be forwarded by the Teacher / Chairman, Coordination Committee, through the Head of the concerned Department within 20 (twenty) days from the commencement of the next semester.

For the benefit and as a process of learning by students, the scripts after correction of class tests, mid-semester examinations, assignments etc., would be shown to the students within 4 weeks from the date of tests/ examinations.

The supplementary examinations of both the odd and even semesters will be conducted during summer vacation before the commencement of the next year, in order to provide an additional opportunity to the students who failed (obtained an F grade) in one or more subjects.

A student of the B.Tech. degree program must complete the prescribed course work of the first four semesters within a maximum period of 3 years and those of the last four semesters within a further period of 3 years respectively. In special cases the Senate may, on the recommendation of the Department and the UGPEC, further extend the total time limit for completion of all the requirements upto 7 years for the B.Tech. programs of 4 year duration.

⇒ Promotion rules from II year I Semester onwards

There is no restriction for promotion from odd semester to even semester. However, at the end of II year, for promotion to V semester, a student should have completed satisfactorily at least 36 credits in III and IV semester put together (after supplementary examinations), cleared all the course work requirements of I year and obtained a C.G.P.A. of not lower than 6.0.

For promotion from III year to IV year a student should have completed satisfactorily atleast 36 credits in V and VI semesters put together (after supplementary examination), cleared all the course work requirements of II year and obtained a C.G.P.A. of not lower than 6.0 upto the end of III year. This regulation is approved by the senate and will be applicable for the batch admitted during 2002-2003 (transitory batch).

Rules regarding supplementary Examinations:

In order to provide an additional chance to students who fail in one or more theoretical subjects in a semester, there will be a supplementary examination equivalent to the end- semester examination arranged centrally by the Academic Section in the month of July (before commencement of next session). The following are the conditions under which the supplementary examination will be arranged:

1. Students who, after having registered for a subject have obtained grade 'F' in the proceeding Autumn and Spring Semester will be eligible to appear in the supplementary examination.

2. Intending students must submit their applications counter signed by the teachers of the subject(s) or the Head of the Department concerned along with the necessary fees to the Officer In-charge Examinations by the date as announced by a notification.

3. The supplementary examination shall be held on such dates as laid down in the academic calendar for the year or as notified separately.

4. On appearing at the supplementary examination in a subject a student will be entitled to the award of one grade lower than the actual grade scored unless exempted as per the clause 9.4 (ii) of the regulations due to illness or calamity.

5. However the performance grade 'P' will remain unaltered as elucidated in the table below:

Actual grade obtained

Grade to be awarded

Ex A

The final grades awarded to the students must be sent to the Officer In-charge/ Assistant Registrar (Academic) within 3 days from the date the supplementary examination was held.

Lab Report

10 Marks

Class work

10 Marks

End-semester Exam


20 Marks


10 Marks




50 Marks