Website FAQ

How to Maximize your website experience?

This website can be best viewed on IE 9+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera 11+.


**Faculty pages and Department Info incomplete. How do I upload my data?

** To faculty members: The framework for department-wise information is undergoing completion and testing. You can see your profile and upload information once you receive your login details. These shall be available on 30th January 2012.


The website loads slowly in my browser!

Our website is still undergoing changes. Optimization is in progress. The website is expected to load quickly in a few days.



This framework is built on a lot of new modules and practices. Content may not appear as it is defined, especially in IE7 and below. Kindly upgrade or use an alternative browser. If the problem still persists, just send a mail to the web team. We will fix it ASAP.


Incomplete data and Under construction..?

Under construction pages are those which are awaiting content or being reviewed. Content will be uploaded afterwards.


My Language is not English! What do i do?

Navigate to the bottom of the page you are viewing. For each page there is a Google website translator supporting most languages worldwide.