Department of Electrical Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Warangal - 506004, Telangana, INDIA

: sailaja@nitw.ac.in

: 08702462235

Interests: Power Markets, Distributed Generations in Power Markets, Synchrophasor applications in Smart Electric Grids, Power System Optimization, Artificial Neural networks, Evolutionary Algorithms and applications to power systems, Grid Integration of Renewable energy sources, Energy storage systems optimization.


 PhD (Electrical Engineering), M.E (Power Systems),B.E(Electrical Engg.)



Hard work can change the luck rather luck can be achieved with hard work.





Course Taught Previously


Course Taught Previously

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Course ID

Course Name


1MTechEE5214Smart Grid Technologies


6BTechEE351Power System Operation & Control


5BTechEE301Control Systems


5BTechEE306Electrical Simulation Lab


5B TechEE 303Power Systems-II



B Tech

EE 416

AI Techniques in Electrical Engg.



B Tech

EE 306

Circuit theory lab



M Tech

EE 505

Power System Computation lab



B Tech

EE 351

Power System Operations & Control



M Tech

EE 561

Economic Operations Of Power Systems



B Tech

EE 451

Power Systems lab



M Tech

EE 554

AI Lab




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Journal Publication Details

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  2. B. Durga Hari Kiran, M. Sailaja Kumari, "Novel Hybrid Evolutionary Game Theory and Differential Evolution Solution to Generator Bidding Strategies with Unit Commitment Constraints in Energy and Ancillary Service Markets", International Journal of Renewable Energy Research-IJRER, Volume 7,Issue 1, pages 68-79, March 2017.
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PHDs Supervised


Ph.D.'s Supervised

  1.   Transmission Pricing in pool and transaction based power markets using Game theory and Heuristic techniques,  Murali Matcha, June 2015. 
  2.   Multi-Objective Optimal Placement and Sizing of Distributed Generators using Meta-Heuristic Techniques , Chandrasekhar Yammani, July 2015 (Co Supervisor).
  3.   Wind Integration Studies in Power Systems: Forecasting, Stability and Load Management Issues, D. Rakesh Chandra, August 2016.
  4.  Operating Reserve and Frequency Regulation Ancillary Services Management in Restructured Electricity Markets, B. Durga Harikiran, September 2017.
  5. Ch.Madhu Kishore, Optimal PMU placement Strategies, Ongoing
  6. Sandeep Kumar Reddy, Microgrid Management & optimization, Ongoing 


Workshop/STTPs/Conference Organized


Sl. No.




Universal Human Values for non teaching staff

M.sailaja Kumari

Nov 2-3, 2018
2.TLC workshop on 'Effective Teaching and Learning of


M.Sailaja Kumari

3 - 7 th April 2018
3.TLC workshop on ' Effective teaching and learning of Smart Grid and Microgrid technologies'

M.Sailaja Kumari

Dec 4-8th, 2017


GIAN course on "Distributed Generation and Renewable Integration: forecasting tools and EMS towards Smart Grid / Smart City paradigm," Sponsored by MHRD

M.Sailaja Kumari

May 23-June 3rd , 2016
5.A seminar for girl students on 'Make It happen'M.Sailaja KumariApril 11th, 2015
6.A seminar on 'Winning strategies for women engineers and technocrats'M.Sailaja Kumari8th-9th March 2014


National seminar on 'Role of Women in Technical Education- A leadership Perspective' sponsored by TEQIP-II

M.Sailaja Kumari, 8-9th March, 2013


Continuing Education Program on 'Operation of Restructured Power Systems (ORPS-2013)' sponsored by TEQIP-II

M.Sailaja Kumari11-15th February 2013
9.A seminar for faculty of NITW on 'Role of Women in Technical Education- A leadership Perspective'M.Sailaja Kumari3rd March, 2012


National Workshop on 'Smart Grid & Integration of Renewable Energy Resources' sponsored by TEQIP-II

M.Sailaja Kumari22nd-24th Dec., 2011
11.IEEE WIE STAR Program for rural girls, an IEEE eventM.Sailaja Kumari8-10th October,2010


Faculty development program on 'Soft computing techniques in Electrical Engineering' sponsored by MHRD

 M.Sailaja Kumari

7-19th, Dec.,2009

13.IEEE WIE STAR program, An IEEE EventM.Sailaja Kumari

13th October,2009

14.National Workshop on 'SCADA in Modern Power System Control' Sponsored by TEQIPM.Sailaja KumariMarch 13-15th, 2009
 Women Student congress, An IEEE EventM.Sailaja KumariOctober 25-26th,2009


National Workshop on 'Artificial Intelligence and Meta Heuristic Technique Applications in Power systems' sponsored by TEQIP

M.Sailaja KumariAugust 1-3rd , 2008
16.National Workshop on 'Intelligent FACTS Controllers', Sponsored by TEQIPM.Sailaja KumariJune 2-4th, 2008.




Workshop/STTPs/Conference Participated

S.No.Name of the CoursePlaceDate
1.Universal Human Values, Level-2IIIT Hyderabad20 to 23rd December 2018 
2.Energy Storage for Solar PVIIT, Bombay28-30th November 2018
3.Power Engineering Research & Applications 2018IIT Kanpur16-18th November 2018

An 8-dav Workshop for Facultv on "lnduction Program for First Year B.Tech. students"

NIT Warangal28th June - 5th Julv, 2018


Grid Integration of PV Solar and Wind Power systemsIIT IndoreFeb 12th-16th 2018
6.Wide Area Monitoring and Control of Cyber Power systemNIT WarangalDec 26th-30th 2017
7.Alternate Energy sources for Distributed Generation NIT WarangalDec 18th-22nd 2017
8.Induction training programIIT GuwahatiOctober 13-15th, 2017
9.�??Stability and Control of Renewable energy based systems�?? IIT DelhiSep. 2-3rd, 2017
10. Summer School on Machine Learning: Deep LearningIIIT Hyderabad
 July 10th - 15th 2017
11.Demand side Management IIT, BombayJuly 7th-8th 2016
12.IEEE WIE International leadership summitIEEE Chennai section, ChennaiSep. 10th -12th 2015
13.Domestic Enquiry, Disciplinary Action and DisciplineInstitute of Public Administration, GOASep. 19-21st,2013
14.Management Development Program for NIT WarangalISB HyderabadJune 25-26th , 2013
15.Emotional Intelligence and Organizational ExcellenceIIT KharagpurJune 05-07th, 2013
16.Course on Solar thermal PowerIIT BombayApril 29-May 01,2013
17.Microgrids: Laboratories to real marketsIEEE Hyderabad Section,Danube auditorium, HYd.February, 22-23rd, 2013
18.PMBOK 4th Edition workshopPMIPCC conducted at NIT Warangal22/12/12 & 30/12/12 for 35hrs.
19.Power Markets: Economics& ManagementIIT, KanpurOctober 29- Nov 02, 2012
20.One day workshop on Virtual Labs for Power System AnalysisIIT, Bombay6th February,2012
21.Design of Industrial Power Distribution Systems Shortcut Methods, Quick Estimation & Application GuidelinesIEEE,Hyderabad SectionJan 2-4,2012
22.Operation and Management of Emerging Power SystemsIIT, KanpurNov 21-25, 2011
23Intelligent System Applications to the Smart Electric Grid SolutionsIIT, KanpurNov 15-19, 2010
24Power Quality Issues Analysis and mitigation techniquesNIT, WarnagalNov 27-29,2008
25Neural Networks and Fuzzy logic applications in Power system deregulationNIT, WarangalJune 2-15, 2008
26Digital Signal Processor applications to Industrial DrivesNIT, Warangal16th-28th June, 2008
27Recent advances in power system protectionNIT, Warangal29-31st March, 2007
28CapacityBuilding for Women Managers in Higher EducationNIT, Warangal16-20th July,2006
29Two day work shop on Artificial Neural Networks and applicationsNIT, Warangal6-7th May 2006
30IEEE distinguished lecture on FACTSJNTU, Hyderabad6.10.05
31Role of HVDC and FACTSCIGRE, Bangalore17.09.05 to 18.09.05
32STTP on FACTSMANIT, Bhopal13.07.05 to 15.07.05
33Power Quality Problems, solutions, and recent advancesIIT, Roorkee23.05.05 to 27.05.05
34IEEE distinguished lecture on Power System Operation and controlIIIT, Hyderabad28.10.2004
35Real Time Energy Management Systems.NIT Warangal15.12.2003 to 27.12.2003
36EMTP, MATLAB, PSPICE Packages and Their applications in Electrical EngineeringREC, WarangalDec27,1999-Jan8,2000
37Power  System Modelling and simulationREC, WarangalSep 20- Oct1st ,1999
38Incremental Motion Control SystemsCumins college of Engineering for Women, PuneDec 14-19, 1998
39Induction training programmeAligarh Muslim University, AligarhMay 11-30, 1998
40Induction training programmeREC, WarangalSep 13-15, 1997



Student projects Supervised (in last 3 years)


Project Name

Student(s) Name

Acd. Year
Demanad side management of a residential Load (BTech)

Piyush mangate (132130)                           Sai Ram (132115)


Demand side management by load shifting using Genetic algorithm(BTech)

 Naveen Verma(132237)

Sanjay Kumar(132250)


Voltage stability Analysis of power systems using PMU data (MTech)

Akanksha Singh(152604) 2016-17
  Wind speed forecasting using Empirical Mode decomposition with ANN and ARIMA models (M Tech) Bantupally Manoj Kumar(152610)2016-17 
 Design and analysis of dynamic load sharing circuitry for solid state drives application (MTech)Koruprolu Sreenu(152617)2016-17 
 Adaptive PI control of STATCOM for voltage regulation (MTech) B.Ramakrishna(142606) PT2016-17 

 Modeling and analysis of flywheel energy storage for wind turbine generators (BTech)

 Nikhil Guruji (122233)                            Soumya (122250) 2015-16

Study of problems in power systems using PMU (BTech)

 Anshuman Upadhyay (122105) Deepa Lakshmi (122112)


A Comparitive study of MPPT algorithms for Grod connected Photovoltaic generation system (M.Tech)


Lakhendra Kumar (142622)


Unit commitment and Economic Load dispatch of thermal units with renewable energy sources integration (MTech)

MD Sajid Alam (142624)

Demand Side Management Using Local Energy Generation and Storage OptimizationSreekanth SannayalaJne 2014
Ancillary Service Provision by Optimal Operation of Wind-Pumped Storage Hybrid SystemDeepak Kumar Thakur
June 2014
Bidding Strategies of Generation Companies in Energy and Reserve Markets Using MetaHeuristic Techniques and GAME THEORYUnnikannan S KeshavJune 2014



 Conference Proceeding

 Manoj Kumar Bantupalli, Sailaja Kumari M, " Wind Speed forecasting using empirical mode decomposition with ANN and ARIMA models",  14th IEEE India Council International Conference (INDICON), 2017

Md. Sajid Alam, Durga Hari Kiran B and Sailaja Kumari M, "Priority list and particle swarm optimization based unit commitment of thermal units including renewable uncertainties", 2016 IEEE International Conference on Power System Technology (POWERCON), Wollongong, NSW, 28 Sept.-1 Oct. 2016.

Md. Sajid Alam and Sailaja Kumari M, "Unit commitment of thermal units in integration with wind and solar energy considering ancillary service management using priority list(IC) based genetic algorithm ", 2016 International Conference on Innovation and Challenges in Cyber Security (ICICCS-INBUSH), Noida, 3-5 Feb. 2016.

Durga Hari Kiran B, P. S. Bhargav and Sailaja Kumari M, "Automatic Generation Control in De-centralized Electricity market using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS)", 2015 Annual IEEE India Conference (INDICON-2015), New Delhi, 17-20 Dec. 2015.

Chandrasekhar Yammani, Sydulu Maheswarapu and Sailaja Kumari Matam, "Optimal placement and sizing of DGs at various load conditions using Shuffled Bat algorithm", IEEE Power and Energy Conference at Illinois (PECI)- Illinois, USA, pp 1-5, 20-21 Feb. 2015.

D. Rakesh Chandra, M. S. Kumari, M. Sydulu, F. Grimaccia, M. Mussetta, S. Leva, M.Q. Duong, "Impact of SCIG, DFIG Wind Power Plant on IEEE 14 Bus System with Small Signal Stability Assessment", NPSC-14(IEEE conference), IIT Guwahati, December 18-20, 2014.

M. Murali, M.Sailaja Kumari, M.Sydulu, "Transmission Embedded Cost Allocation using Proportional Nucleolus based Game Theoretic Approach in a Restructured Power Market", NPSC, IIT GUWAHATI, (IEEE conference), December 18-20, 2014.

M. Murali, M.Sailaja Kumari, M.Sydulu, "Locational Marginal Pricing in Single Auction Model of Restructured Power System using Bat Algorithm", NPSC, IIT GUWAHATI, (IEEE conference), December 18-20, 2014.

Rakesh Chandra, M. S. Kumari, M. Sydulu,F. Grimaccia, M. Mussetta, S. Leva, M.Q. Duong, "Small Signal Stability of Power System with SCIG,DFIG Wind Turbines", 2014 Annual IEEE India Conference (INDICON), University of Pune, December 11-13, 2014.

B. Durga Hari Kiran and M. Sailaja Kumari, "Optimal generation scheduling with operating reserves including wind uncertainties", 2014 International Conference on Smart Electric Grid (ISEG), Guntur, 19-20 Sept. 2014.

Chandrasekhar Yammani, Sydulu Maheswarapu and Sailaja Kumari Matam, "Optimal Placement and Sizing of Multi Distributed Generations with Renewable Bus Available limits using Shuffled Bat algorithm", Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE), 2014 IEEE 27th Canadian Conference, Toronto, Canada, 4-7th  May-2014.

M.Murali, M.Sailaja Kumari, M.Sydulu, "An Overview of Transmission Pricing Methods in a Pool based Power Market", 1st National Power & Energy System Conference (NPESC-2014), Kamala Nehru Institute of Technology, Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh " 228118, April 25-26, 2014.

M.Murali P.Sridivya, M.Sailaja Kumari, M.Sydulu, "Distribution of Loss Cost using Proportional Nucleolus Method in Competitive Power Markets", International Conference on Energy Efficient Technologies for Sustainability, ICEETS, (IEEE conference), St. Xavier"s Catholic College of Engineering, April 10-12, 2013. 

Chandrasekhar Yammani, Sydulu Maheswarapu and Sailaja Kumari Matam, "Optimal Placement and Sizing of DER"s with Load Models using Bat algorithm", IEEE International Conference on Circuits, Power and Computing Technologies (ICCPCT-2013), pp 394-399, Tamilnadu, 20-21 March 2013.

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M. Murali, M.Sailaja Kumari, M.Sydulu, "Effect of Congestion in Transmission Pricing for a Pool based Power Market considering Losses", NPSC-12, (IEEE conference), IIT BHU, Varanasi, India, December 12-14, 2012.

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P. Sridivya, M.Murali, M.Sailaja Kumari, M.Sydulu, "Embedded Cost Allocation Methods using Game Theory", International conference on Advances in Power Conversion and Energy Technologies, APCET, (IEEE conference), L.B.R.C.E, Vijayawada, August 2-4, 2012.

B. Ramesh Kumar, M.Murali, M.Sailaja Kumari, M.Sydulu, "Short-range Fixed head Hydrothermal Scheduling using Fast Genetic Algorithm", 7th IEEE conference on Industrial electronics and applications, Singapore, July 18-20, 2012. 

M. Murali, M.Sailaja Kumari, M.Sydulu, "LMP based Electricity Market Simulation using Genetic Algorithm", 7th IEEE conference on Industrial electronics and applications, Singapore, July 18-20, 2012.

M. Murali, M.Sailaja Kumari, M.Sydulu, "A Comparison of Embedded Cost Based Transmission Pricing Methods", International Conference on Energy, Automation and Signal, (IEEE conference), Siksha O Anusandhan University, Bhubaneswar, December 28-30, 2011.

Chandrasekhar Yammani, Sydulu Maheswarapu, Sailaja Kumari Matam and S Naresh "Optimal Placement and Sizing of the DER in Distribution systems using shuffled frog leap algorithm", IEEE conference on Recent Advances in Intelligent Computational Systems (RAICS), Trivandrum, Sep 2011.

Yammani Chandrashekar, Mithun Bhaskar, Sailaja Kumari. M and Sydulu Maheswarapu, "A Hybrid PSO-Shuffled Frog Leap Algorithm for Economic Load Dispatch with Network Losses, National Conference on Machines and Power System, Feb 2011.

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M.Sailaja kumari, M.Sydulu, "A Novel Load Flow Approach for Voltage Stability Index Calculation and adjustment of Static VAR Compensator Parameters", IEEE Power India Conference held at New Delhi, April 10-12th, 2006.



DST/AICTE/MHRD or Other Sponsord R&D Projects


  1. Responsible for "Reactive Power Compensating Equipment" worth Rs.6 lakhs purchased under TEQIP.
  2. RSM grant worth 3.5 lakh for project titled "An energy efficient solar powered LED street lighting system."

Awards and Honors

 Awards And Honours

  1. Won the POSOCO 2017 best PhD thesis award for the thesis guided. Title of the thesis is "Wind Integration studies in power systems: Forecasting , Stability and Load management issues" by Mr. D. Rakesh Chandra.
  2. Won the ISTE L&T best M.Tech thesis award in Electrical and Electronics Engineering for the year 2012, for the M.Tech thesis guided. The title of the thesis is 'Transmission cost allocation using game theory' by Ms.P.Sridivya, M.Tech 2010-2012, Roll no.102122, PSE.
  3. Won the best paper award for the paper "Embedded cost allocation methods using Game theory", in the IEEE international conference on Advances in Power conversion and Energy technologies, APCET,  August 2-4th, 2012.
  4. Awarded  'Distinguished Woman in Engineering (Specialization- Electrical Engineering)'  for the year 2018 by Venus International Foundation.

Additional Responsibility

 Additional Responsibility

  1. Faculty advisor, TECHNOZION 2018
  2. Chairperson, Women Protection cell from 2014- 2019 January.
  3. Associate Dean (Administration) & Deputy Registrar (Administration) from October, 2012 to April 2014.
  4. Faculty advisor, IEEE Women in Engineering Student Branch affinity group of NITW since 2008.
  5. Member, TEQIP-II, IMC.
  6. Member, Women cell, NITW.
  7. Faculty advisor of Electrical Engineering association, NITW during 2009-10, 20010-11, 2011-12.
  8. Central Counseling Board member for AIEEE admissions during 2009-2010.
  9. Lab Incharge, Power Systems Lab.
  10. Worked as Warden, NITW Ladies Hostel for 3 years.
  11. Worked as Timetable in-charge for two years at Department level.
  12. Worked as Treasurer of Electrical Engineering Association for Two years