Narasimharaju B. L

Associate Professor

Department of Electrical Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Warangal - 506004, Telangana, INDIA


: 08702462247

Interests: LED Drivers for Lighting Systems; Power Converters & Control Techniques; Multilevel power converters; Grid integration of solar energy ; Switched Reluctance Motor drives; Active Front End Power Converters ; Open End Winding Induction Motor Drives ; Modulation and switching techniques ; AI Techniques to Control of Power Converters ;

Qualifications & Specializations:



Year of Award



UVCE Bangalore


  Electrical & Electronics Engineering


UVCE Bangalore


  Power Electronics


IIT Roorkee  "01/01/2009 to 03/11/2011"


  An Improved Bi-directional Converter 


Work Experience :  19 Years 02 Month's ( Academic & Research Experience as on June  2021)

Institution/ Organization name
Date of joining
Date of leaving
Length of Experience
Dept. of EE, NIT Warangal
Till date
Associate Professor
Dept. of EE, NIT Warangal
01/06/2012,  Friday
Assistant Professor
5 Years 10 Months

Dept. of EEE, MIT Manipal, Manipal University

20/08/2003,  Wednesday


Assistant Professor - Senior Scale

8 Years 10 Months, 11 Days

Dept. of EEE, UVCE Bangalore

09/04/2002, Tuesday


Teaching Assistant

01 Year  04 Months, 10 Days

LRDE, DRDO Bangalore

August 2001

April 2002

Project Trainee



Areas of Research Interest:  Power Electronics - Converters, PWM Techniques,  Applications to Lighting System, Drives, Power Quality Issues etc. 
Message: Imparting valuable knowledge is a moral & social responsibility and a great work of the human for the betterment of nature and everyone's life.  Nothing beyond Hard-work, Honesty and Sincerity. So, the only way to successful, meaningful and peaceful life is hard-work with sincere commitment, honesty & unselfish .   

Course Taught Previously

 Course Taught Previously:

                   Course Title

 Level (UG/PG)

  1. Basic Electronics


  2. Power Electronics 


  3. Basic Electrical Science / Technology


  4. Networks Theory


  5. Control Systems


  6. Modern Power Converters


  7. Solid state Drives


  8. Advanced Power Electronics Converters



 Courses  Taught  and  Currently Being Taught:

Academic Year / Sem    ClassesUG / PGCourse IDCourse NameCredits
    2012-13, I Sem
  II B.Tech (EEE) A & B Sec


  Circuit Theory -I3+3
  I M.Tech (PED)   PG


 Digital Signal Processing Lab2
  II B.Tech (Chemical Engg.)
  UG   Basic Electrical Engineering Lab2
  II B.Tech (Metalorgy Engg.)  UG   Basic Electrical Engineering Lab 2
   2012 - 13, II Sem  II B.Tech (EEE), B Sec  UG EE251  Circuit Theory -II4
  III B. Tech (EEE) A & B Sec  UG EE355  Control System Lab          (In-Charge)2
   2013 - 14, I Sem  II B.Tech (EEE)  UG EE202  Circuit Theory -I (A&B)3
  II B. Tech (Metalorgy Engg), Sec-B  UG   Basic Electrical Engineering Lab  (In-Charge)2
 III B.Tech (EEE)  UG  EE305  Circuit Lab2
   2013-14,  II Sem  I M.Tech (EEE)  PG  EE5155  Power Electronics Simulation Lab2
  II B.Tech (EEE), Sec - B  UG  EE251  Circuit Theory - II4
  III B.Tech (EEE)  UG  EE355  Control System Lab    (In-Charge)2
  2014-15, I Sem  II B.Tech (EEE),  Sec-A & B  UG  EE202  Circuits Theory - I3+3
  III B. Tech (EEE) Sec- A & B  UG EE305  Circuits Lab  (In-Charge)2
  IV B.Tech (EEE),  Sec- A & B  UG EE449  Project Work Part-A  Evaluations2
  2014-15, II Sem  I M.Tech (PED)   PG EE5152  Advanced Power Electronics - II4
  IV B.Tech (EEE), Sec- A & B  UG EE468 Renewable Energy Systems 3
  IV B.Tech (EEE), Sec- A & B UG EE499   Project Work Part-B  Evaluations2
  III B.Tech (EEE), Sec- A & B UG EE355  Control Systems Lab (In-Charge)2
 2015-16 I Sem  I. M.Tech (PED) PG EE5102 Advanced Power Electronics - I4
 I B.Tech  Sec-M, 85  students  UGEE101Basic Electrical Engineering3
  III B.Tech (EEE)  UG EE305 Circuits System Lab  2
  2015-16, II Sem  I B.Tech (Physics Cycle),  2 -Secs. (A&F), 140 students  UG EE102 Basic Electrical Engineering3+3
 III B.Tech (EEE),  70 students UG EE355 Control Systems Lab2
2016-17, I Sem   I B.Tech (Chemistry Cycle), 2-Secs ( G&N), 146 students UG EE101 Basic Electrical Engineering3+3
 III B.Tech (EEE), 120 Students UG  EE305 Circuits Lab (In-Charge)2
 2016-17, II Sem    I B.Tech (Chemistry Cycle), 2-Secs ( B&C), 146 students UG EE101 Basic Electrical Engineering3+3
III B.Tech (EEE), 120 StudentsUG EE355  Control Systems Lab (In-Charge)2
 2017-18, I Sem   I B.Tech (Chemistry Cycle), 2-Secs ( G&M), 149 students UG EE101 Basic Electrical Engineering3+3
 III B.Tech (EEE),  140 studentsUGEE305
Circuits Lab (In-Charge)2
II M.Tech (PED),  35PGEE 6149   Dissertation  work, Part-A Evaluation, Member8
 I M.Tech (PED),  35 PGEE 5141 Seminar-I Evaluation1
 2017-18, II Sem  II M.Tech (PED),  35 PG EE 6199 Dissertation  work, Part-B Evaluation, Member 18
II B.Tech (EEE), Sec-B, 67UGEE251Circuit Theory - II 4 +3
I B.Tech (Chemistry Cycle), Sec -F, 76UGEE101Basic Electrical Engineering
III B.Tech (EEE),  35UGEE355Control Systems Lab 2
 2018-19, I Sem  III B.Tech (EEE),  Sec-A  UG EE301  Control Systems  4
  III B.Tech (EEE),   UGEE305Circuits Lab 2
 II BTech (MME)UG BEE Lab 2+2
IV BTech (EEE) UGEE449 Project Works Part-A, Chairman, Evaluations 2+4
  2018-19, II Sem II B.Tech (EEE), Sec-A, 73 UG EE251 Circuit Theory - II 4 +3
I B.Tech ,  Sec-E, 75 EE101Basic Electrical Engineering
III B.Tech , 36UGEE355 Control Systems Lab  2
IV BTech (EEE)UGEE499Project Works Part-B, Chairman, Evaluations 6
  2019-20, I Sem III B.Tech (EEE),  Sec-B UG EE301   Control Systems 4 +3
 I B.Tech (Chem) ,  Sec-M-,80 UG EE101 Basic Electrical Engineering
III B.Tech (EEE),  Sec-AUG  Electrical Simulation Lab 2
2019-20 Sem-2     II B.Tech (EEE), Sec-A, 70 UG EE251 Circuit Theory - II 4
  II B.Tech (EEE), Sec-A, 70 UGEE251EC Lab 2
 III B.Tech (EEE), Sec-A, 36 UG EE355Control Systems Lab 2
 2020-21, Sem-I III B.Tech (EEE),  Sec-A UG EE301 Control Systems 4
III B.Tech (EEE),  Sec-A, 67UG
  Electrical Simulation Lab2
 I MTech-PEDPG  Embedded Systems Lab2
 2020-21, Sem-2  II B.Tech (EEE), Sec-A&B, 158 UG EE251 Circuit Theory - II 4+4
III B.Tech (EEE),  Sec-A, 67UGEE341 Seminar1



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  42. Narasimharaju B. L, "Nonlinear Loads and Harmonics Role in Power Quality Issues", Proc. National Conference AECT-2013, MIT Manipal, India, pp. 1-6, 7th - 9th February 2013.

  43. Narasimharaju B.L and Rajalakshmi Samaga .B.L, "PLC Based Star-Delta Starter with Over-Current Safety Feature for an Induction Motor", National System Conference record NSC-2007, MIT, Manipal, India, pp. 1-4, Dec 14-15 2007.

  44. Narasimharaju B.L and G.S.N. Raju, "Optimization of Induction Heating System Topology Review", National Conference record AECT-2007, MIT Manipal, India, pp. 44-50, March 2007.

  45. Narasimharaju B. L and G.S.N. Raju, et al., "High Frequency Current Controlled Power Supply Using Fly-Back Converter", National conf. record PCID-2006, BIT Sathyamangalam, India, pp. 54-57, March 24 - 25, 2006. 

PHDs Supervised

PhD/Research Guidance 

Scholar Name  
Year of Reg.
Year of Award
S Madhu Babu July 2017 ----- Multi Level InversionOngoing Full Time
 V K Satyakar V July 2016 Dr. S. P Selvi  Development of Soft-switched LED Drivers for Off-Grid Lighting Applications 09 April 2021 Full Time
 Ramanjeneya Reddy U Dec 2013         ----  Improved Driver Circuits For LED Lighting Applications  25 Oct 2017  Full Time
  Vijay Babu K  July 2013 Prof. D. M. Vinod Kumar  Investigation on Switched Reluctance Machine Control in Off-grid Applications

  31 Oct 2017 

 Full Time



 PG (PED) Dissertation / Project Works Guidance : 

S. No.
 Academic Year 
 Student Name
  Reg. No. 
 Title of Project  
Project Completion Date 
 Full Time  (FT) /
Part Time (PT) 
 Candidate Working Status
 Lagudu Sri Hari 202514  Resonant Converter O FT  Intel Internship  
 EV Charging System
 O FT  
26Rohith Chavan202526  O FT  
252020-21 G. Bhavana192506Switched Reluctance Machine : Control & its Applications



  ZF WABCO Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

24  L. K. Mahalakshmi 192518 Design of PV fed Inverter 28-06-2021 FT


23 Shubham Mittal192538 Design of Bidirectional Inverter  28-06-2021FT

  Elmot Alternators, Hyderabad

22 B. Uday K Reddy192545 SRM Drive Application  28-06-2021 FT   BYJUs,
21 2019-20 Mr. Shwetabh 182531Investigations on Single-Phase Solar-PV Fed Transformer-Less Inverter Topology July 2020 FT Indian Railways,
20Mr. Uday Shankar 182533  Solar PV Fed ZVS Bidirectional DC-DC Converter For Standalone LED Street Lighting System July 2020 FT Indian Railways,
19  2018-19Mr. Siddharth Balaji G172508 Performance analysis of Switched Capacitor Multilevel Inverter June 2019  FT  
18Mr. Sainadh Gubbala172509 Sliding Mode Control of Synchronous Buck Converter Based LED Driver   June 2019 FT Application Engineer, (Renewable Energy projects)
TMEIC Pvt. Ltd. India.
172017-18Manthena Harish162521  Highly Reliable and High Efficient Quasi Single Stage Buck-Boost Inverter    C  FT   
16 Vinod Kumar R16253  SVPWM Control Strategy for Three-Level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter



15R. Prasanth Kumar162532Multi Level  Inversion



  Discontinued the Course 
14  2016-17 Datla Sravani152542  PV fed LLC-LC Multi-resonant Converter based LED Driver C    FT  
13 Manikala Poorna Chandra Rao M 152523  Non Inverting Buck Boost converter for PV powered street lighting June 2019   PT

Power Grid Corporation of India, GoI,

12 Y  Sai Baba 152552_  Performance Study of PV Fed Synchronous Boost Converter for Linear and Quadratic load  C   FT  
11    2015-16   Surasani Avinash 142536   Capacitance Reduction with An Optimized Cascaded Converter Based LED Driver  C  FT  
10  Vadapally Harish 142537Switched Reluctance Motor Control Strategies for Quadratic Load Application - A Comparative Study  C  FT Product/Test Engineer at Texas Instruments 
9  2014-15 Golla Manikiran Kumar  132510  A Flicker-Free Electrolytic Capacitor less AC-DC LED Driver   C   FT Deputy Manager, 
IRCON International LTD.
8  Harish S 132514 Design  and Analysis of Isolated AC-DC Converter   C  FT  
6 Shaik Rafi 122536  Modified Decoupled SVPWM Based Four-Level Inverter Fed Open-end Winding Induction Motor Drive          C     FT TSSPDCL 
5 Divya P 122530  Bidirectional AC- DC PFC converter and DC-DC Converter for Charge/Discharge application   C  FT TSSPDCL 
4  2012-13 V. Venkata  Prahlad 112537 Optimized Dual Active Bridge Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter for UPS Application   C  FT  
3 B. Chiranjeevi 112501 Simulation and Analysis of Soft Switching DC-DC converters   C  FT  
2  Deepa Das 112504  Bilevel Current Control LED driver   C  PT HAL Bengaluru 


 2011-12 (MIT, MU)   



   Project Assistants: 06

           AY:2017-18,   under  MHRD Internship scheme:  Duration: 1 Month ( 14 June to 14 July 2017)

            1.  Arun Kumar,  EED, NIT Mizoram:   Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Soft switching DC-DC converters for PV integration.

            2. Joseph V, EED, NIT Mzoram  :  Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Non-inverting Buck-Boost Converter.

           AY:2016-17 under  CoE - TEQIP-II

 1. R. Tejaswi,  - Design and Analysis of Three-level Integrated AC-DC converter

  2. K Janaki -  Design and Analysis of DC-DC converter

          AY:2015-16 under  CoE - TEQIP-II

             1. Vijaya Vardhan Reddy. P,  - Design of 2-DOF Controlled Boost Converter in CCM using Characteristic Ratio Assignment

             2. Karthik .K - Performance Analysis of Single H-Bridge Multi-Level Inverter


  Organized Conference / Workshops/ STTPs / SDPs / FDPs:

  1.  Five Day AICTE ATAL Elementary FDP  on "ELECTRIC TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE FOR E-MOBILITY IN INDIA"  02nd to 06th August 2021,  NIT Warangal, Sponsored by AICTE ATAL Academy, MoE, GoI.  ( No. of Participants :195)
  2. Five-Day Online INDO-US National SPARC Workshop on “Power Conversion Technologies for Renewable Energy and Micro-Grid Applications”, NIT Warangal during 2nd to 6th March, 2021. Sponsored by MoE, Government of India. ( No. of Participants :144)
  3. Six-Day TLC sponsored FDP on Teaching and Learning of Advanced Control Systems, 10th to 16th August, 2020, NIT Warangal.  ( No. of Participants :96)
  4. Two Week SPARC Course on “Renewable Energy and Distributed Power Generation”  16th Dec to 27Th Dec, 2019, NIT Warangal.  Sponsored by MoE, Government of India. ( No. of Participants : 63)
  5. Three Week SPARC Course on "Analysis of High Gain Converters for Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems",  Week-1, Week-2 & Week-3 of July 2019, NIT Warangal.  Sponsored by MoE, Government of India.  
  6. Five Day National SPARC Workshop on "Advanced Resonant Converters for Micro-Grid and Electric Transportation", Dates: 15Th – 19th July, 2019, NIT Warangal.  Sponsored by MoE, Government of India. 
  7. Six Day E&ICT Sponsored FDP on "Power Conversion Technologies and Applications", (PCTA-2109), 1st - 6Th May 2019, EED NIT Warangal.  EICT Academy NITW, Sponsored by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), GOI.
  8. Five Day Self-Finance Short Term Course " Resonant Converters and Applications",  02nd to 06 July 2018, EED NIT Warangal.   
  9. TEQIP Phase-II Sponsored Two Day Workshop on " Model Based Digital PWM Control Techniques for Power Electronics Applications, 25 - 26 October 2013, EED NIT Warangal.  
  10. TEQIP Phase-II Sponsored Three Day Workshop on " Power Control and Energy Management" 09 - 11Th May 2013, EED NIT Warangal.  


 Organized/Committee/Track Chairs/TPC of Conferences:

  1. Technical Track Chair, IEEE Sustainable Energy and Future Electric Transportation, SEFET 2021,  21– 23 Jan 2021, GREIT, Hyderabad, India.
  2. Tutorial Chair, IEEE PEDES 2020, Power Electronics Drives and Energy System 16-19 December 2020 Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, MNIT, Jaipur.
  3. Technical Sessions Chair,  IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo, ITEC-2020 (Virtual Mode), Navy Pier, in Chicago, Illinois, June 22-26, 2020.
  4. Member, Technical Programme Committee, IEEE 1st Int. Conference on Energy, Systems and Information Processing, IEEE- ICESIP, July 04 - 06, 2019, IIITD&M, Kancheepuram, India.
  5. Coordinator, One day National Conference on "POWER CONVERTERS & ELECTRIC DRIVES (PCED – 2018) , 1st November, 2018, EED NIT Warangal.   

Workshop/SSTPs/Conference Attended:

  1. AICTE course on Digital Signal Processing and Applications, UVCE Bangalore 29/70/2002 - 14/08/2002. (3 weeks)
  2. AICTE STTP on Recent Trends in High Voltage Testing Techniques IIT Madras, Nov 2004. (1week)
  3. QIP-AICTE short-term course on Control of Converters and Drives, IISc Bangalore, Dec 2004. (1 week)
  4. National level workshop (under DST, Govt. Of India) on Recent Trends in Power Systems, SRKRCE Bhimavaram (AP), June 2005. (2 days)
  5. National workshop on "Microsystems (MEMS) Technology" IISc Bangalore, November 16 -19,2005. (1 week )
  6. National conf. on Power Conversion and Industrial Drives (PCID-2006), BIT Sathyamangalam, 24-25 March, 2006.
  7. QIP-AICTE short-term course on "Electromagnetics"IISc Bangalore, Nov/Dec 2006. (1 week)
  8. National Conf. on Advanced Energy Conversion and Technology (AECT-2007), MIT Manipal, March 2007. (3 days)
  9. Staff Development Program on "Digital System Design Using FPGA", MIT, Manipal, June 2007 (2 weeks)
  10. National Workshop on "Innovative Trends in Energy Efficient Building Lighting", 11th August 2007 MIT Manipal.
  11. Workshop on "Principle of Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Energy Utilization", MIT, Manipal, 21/08/2007. (1 day)
  12. Workshop on "Virtual Instrumentation and Data Acquisition", NITK, Surathkal, September 6th-7th 2007. (2 days)  
  13. National System Conference (NSC-2007), MIT, Manipal, Dec 14-15 2007.
  14. National Seminar on"Excellence in Technical Education through Innovation", MIT, Manipal, 17-19, Dec 2007.
  15. Staff Development Program on "Modern controllers Design  Techniques", MIT, Manipal, June 9 - 13  2008 (1 week)
  16. MHRD Summer School on  "Digital  Signal Processor Applications to Modern Industrial Drives", NIT Warangal, June 16 - 28 2008 (2 weeks)
  17. TEQIP workshop on "Emerging Trends in Distribution System" NITK, Surathkal, 24th to 26th October 2008. (3 days)
  18. IEEE workshop on "Recent Advances in Sustainable Energy", IIT Delhi on 15Th to 16Th December 2009.
  19. International Conf. IC-AECT 2010, MIT Manipal, India, 07 - 10 , January 2010.
  20. 4Th International Conf. CERA-2009, IIT Roorkee, 19 -21, February 2010
  21. International Conf. ICSDC-2010, MIT Manipal, India, 19 -22, August 2010
  22. 4Th IEEE International conference IC-ACCT2010, APIIT, Haryana, India, 30th October 2010
  23. IEEE Conf. on Control and Embedded Systems (ICPCES2010), 29th Nov - 1st Dec. 2010, MNIT Allahabad, India.
  24. IEEE Conf. on Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuits (EDSSC2010), 15-17 Dec. 2010, University of Hong Kong.
  25. IEEE Conf. on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems (PEDES), 20-23Dec. 2010, IIT Delhi, India.
  26. QIP course on Digital Design Techniques: Applications to Control Systems, 30Th May to 3rd June 2011, IIT Roorkee. (1 week)
  27. MHRD ISTE Workshop on "Introduction to Research Methodologies", 25th June to 4th July 2012, IIT Bombay and NIT Warangal (RC), India. (2 Weeks)
  28. Workshop on "Teaching and Learning for Excellence" 17th - 19th July 2012,NIT Warangal. (3 days)
  29. Workshop on "Modelling, Analysis and Control of Mechatronic Systems", 27Th - 29Th July 2012, NIT Warangal.
  30. National Conference AECT2013, MIT Manipal, India, 7Th to 9Th February 2013.
  31. Workshop on "Teaching and Learning for Excellence" 15th - 17th July 2013,NIT Warangal. (3 days)
  32. Workshop on "Good Laboratory Practice", 13th September 2013, NIT Warangal.
  33. Workshop on Open Source Softwares, 14-15, March 2014, NIT Warangal.
  34. Workshop on " NI Training on LAB-VIEW Software", 26th September 2014, NI Team, Taj Hotel, Hyderabad. 
  35. Workshop on " Rapid Prototyping Systems" 27th September 2014, NIT Warangal.
  36. National Conference AECT-2015, MIT Manipal, India, 23rd - 24th January 2015.
  37. NaMPET @ NITW Short term course on " Digital Signal Processor Controlled Power Electronic Converters & Drives (DSPEC-2015), 28-30th, September 2015,  NITW.
  38. 7th IEEE conf. on Technology for Education (T4E-2015),  10-12 Dec, 2015, NIT Warangal. 
  39. Three Day TEQIP-II National Conference on " Sharing of achievements and Innovative ideas of CoEs" 21st to 23rd April 2016, Siddaganga Institute of Technology Tumkur & SPFU Bangalore, Karnataka.
  40. National Systems Conference (NSC-2016),  4 - 6 Nov 2016, NIT Warangal.
  41. Two-day National Workshop on "Developing OER-enabled e-Learning Courses Using Moodle" during 18th - 19th March 2017, NIT Warangal.
  42. One Week GIAN Course High Voltage Gain Soft-Switching Advanced Current-Fed Technologies For Microgrid & Electric Transportation, Department of EEE, UCE, Osmania University, Hyderabad,  from 18th DEC to 23rd  DEC, 2017).
  43. One Week FDP on “Machine Learning with Business Applications, IIM Bengaluru, May 20 – May 25, 2019.
  44. One Week FDP on “Learning Management System”, NIT Warangal, July 14 – July 18, 2020.
  45. One Week FDP on “Universal Human Values (UHV)”, NIT Warangal, August 17 – August 26, 2020.
  46. One Day "Pre-Event on Types of Patents in India conducted by Turnip Innovations" BITS Vadodra, 16th January 2021.
  47. Two Day " Turnip Innovation Festival 2021 conducted by Turnip Innovations", Turnip Innovations Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai 22nd -23rd, January 2021.
  48. TLC Sponsored "Three-Day Online Faculty Development Workshop on OUTCOME-BASED EDUCATION” during 7th - 9th July, 2021, NIT Warangal. 
  49. One Week FDP on “Universal Human Values (UHV)”, July 15 – July 20, 2021, NIT Warangal.


Sponsored/Funded  Projects: Ongoing/Approved-06, Rs. 250.35 Lakhs

S. No
Project  Title
Agency / Project No.
Cost in Lakhs
Role (PI/Co-PI)
Design and Development of High Efficient Switched Reluctance Motor based Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) Water Pumping System (WPS)
  IMPRINT-India, Phase-I, MHRD;  No:IMP/2019/000295, Dt.30-Dec-2019
 Design and Development of New High Gain Transformer-less Inverter Topology for PV Based Grid Tie Applications 

SPARC/2018-2019/P1392/SL, Dt.15-March-2019


  2 Years,  2019-2020
  Development of High PF Grid connected Induction Cooker with Direct AC-AC Conversion for Vessels of Different Material
  CRG/2018/004568, Dt.09-May-2019
  3 Years, 2019-2022
Design and Development of Efficient Induction Cooker suitable for
Vessels of Different Materials. 
   RSOP/2019/GD/12, CPRI-GoI, Bangalore
14 .280   
   Co- PI
 2 Years, 2019-2020
Design and Development of High-Efficient PFC based AC-DC LED Driver for AC-Grid Fed LED Lighting System
 3 Years, 2018-2021, 
Investigation on Distributed Generation Resources with Energy Storage System in a Micro grid
RSM project funded by NITW-MHRD
 1 Year , 2013

Awards and Honors

Fellowship / Awards:

  • Best Paper award, IEEE India Conf. INDICON-2015, for paper titled "Modeling and Analysis of Voltage Controlled Positive Output Synchronous buck-boost converter", JMI, Delhi, India, pp. 1 -5, 17 -20 December 2015
  • MHRD Fellowship for pursuing  my Doctoral Study at IIT Roorkee
  • CSIR Young Scientist 2010 Fellowship    

Professional body membership / Activities :

  • Senior  Member IEEE (General Member,  Power Electronics Society &  Industrial Electronics Society)
  • Life Member, Indian Society for Technical Education 
  • Life Member, System Society of India

Additional Responsibility

Contributions in Department Labs/Teaching  :

  • Development of Circuits Laboratory
  • Development of Control Systems Laboratory 
  • Preparation of Circuits Lab, Control Systems Lab and Power Electronics Lab Manuals

Additional Department/Institute  Responsibility:

           Institute Level:

  • Member, Electrical Works Committee (EWC), Feb 2018 to Till date
  • Faculty In-charge, Maintenance of Lifts  in Institute,  April 2018 to Dec 2019.
  • Member, Grid Connected  Solar PV Rooftop Project at NITW,  MNRE-SPIN Under JNNSM, November 2015 to Till Date 
  • Member,  Center of Excellence in "Sustainable Energy Studies", under TEQIP, November 2014 to Till date
  •  Member, Institute Purchase Committee (IPC ), NIT Andhra Pradesh ,  Since 26 May 2018  ( 2 Years)


    Department Level:

  • Member, Department Purchase Committee (DPC), EED, NIT Warangal, 20-July-2021 to Till date.
  • Member, NEP2020 Curriculum Revision Committee, EED, NIT Warangal. AY2020-21 
  • Member, UG & PG-PED Coordinator, NBA-2020-21
  • Coordinator, Moodle Training Courses, EED-NIT Warangal, May 2020 to Till Date
  • Programme Coordinator, M.Tech (Power Electronics & Drives), EED-NITW, 16-Jan-2020 to Till date
  • Faculty Advisor,  Electrical Engineering Association (EEA), NIT Warangal AY-2018-19.
  • Coordinator, PhD Research, Electrical Engineering, Ay2016-17 to AY2018-19.
  • Chairman, IV B.Tech(EEE) Project Works (A&B Parts) Evaluations, AY2018-19
  • Director Nominee, PG- Auto Mobile Engineering  (MED), Project Evaluations, June 18th & 19th 2018.
  • Member, Dissertation Evaluations Part-A & B, II M.Tech (PED) AY-2017-18, Sem-I & II.
  • Department Coordinator, Training & Placement, July 2014 to Oct 2018
  • Faculty In-charge,  Seminar-I, Evaluations, I M.Tech (PED) AY-2017-18, Sem-I
  • Faculty In-charge for Control System Lab, EED, June 2012 to 24/10/2018.
  • Faculty In-charge for Electrical Circuits Lab, EED, June 2012 to 24/10/2018
  • Faculty Advisor (S)- IV B.TECH (EEE), July 2014 to  June 2015
  • Faculty In-charge for Power Electronics Lab, EED, September 2014 to  March 2015
  • Member, IV BTech (EEE) Project Work Evaluation Committee,   AY: 2013-14,  AY: 2014-15
  • Member, DAC-UG, EED, NIT Warangal, June 2012 to June 2014, AY:2012-13,  AY:2013-14
  • Treasurer, Electrical Engineering Association (EEA), NIT Warangal, June 2012 to June 2014  (EEA:2012-13,  EEA:2013-14)
  • Faculty Advisor (S)- II B.TECH (EEE), June 2012 to June 2014 

  At Previous Employment Organizations :

  • Team member of ISO 9000:2001 implementation
  • University Representative for UGET and SMU distance education examinations
  • Committee member to Industry Institute Interactive Meet, Aug 2004
  • Teacher guardian at MIT Manipal, Since 2003 to 2008

    Outreach Activities:

  • Member, Governing Body Council, Vignan Institute of Technology and Science, Vignan Group of Institutions, Telangana, Since  30-January-2020.  
  • Advisor , M/s. Zunikenergies (Erstwhile M/s. Arka Energies), Pre-Incubated startup by IIT Roorkee. Since September 2017.  
  • Member, Doctoral Committee, SRM University,   AY2020-21 to Till date.
  • Member, Doctoral Scrutiny Committee, Manipal University, MIT, Manipal, AY2015-16 to Till date.
  • Reviewer of IEEE Transactions (Power Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Industry Applications etc) & IET Power Electronics,  Electric Power Applications etc.
  • PhD Thesis /PG Dissertation - VTU Karnataka, SRM University (Chennai , T.N , & Vijayawada,  AP);  BATU- Lonere, MH;  Anna University,  Andhra University, A.P;  JNTUH, JNTUK AP,  UCE-OU TS,  KLU Guntur, ......