Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science And Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Warangal - 506004, Telangana, INDIA

: usnraju@nitw.ac.in

: 9440149146

Interests: Computer Vision and Image Processing, Digital Olfaction.

Specializations: Computer Vision and Image Processing


 Message: 'Confidence & Hard-work' is the best medicine to kill the disease called failure.


 Education Qualifications and Service: 

  • B.E.(1998), M. Tech. (2002) and Ph.D.(2010). 
  • Worked at MGIT- Hyderabad (≈5yrs), GIET-Rajahmundry(≈3yrs) and RGMCET-Nandyal(≈2yrs) and Indigo RDBMS Research and Development-Hyderabad(≈2yrs). 
  • Presently working as an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, at NIT Warangal from March 2012.

Course Taught Previously

  •  Theory of Computation
  • Compiler Design
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Problem Solving and Computer Programming
  • Language Processors
  • Big Image Data Processing
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Computer Networks
  • Database Management Systems
  • C Programming
  • Operating Systems Concepts
  • Data Warehousing and Data Mining
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Distributed Systems
  • Software Design


 SCI/SCIE Publications:  


Rohan Netalkar, Hillol Barman, Rushik Subba, Kandula Preetam, and U.S.NRaju"Distributed Compression and Decompression for Big Image Data: LZW and Huffman coding", Journal of Electronic Imaging, Accepted, September 2021.


DebanjanPathak, and U.S.NRaju  “Content-Based Image Retrieval using feature-fusion of GroupNormalized-Inception-Darknet-53 features and handcraft features”, Optik (2021)Available online,  August 2021. 


Sweta Panigrahi and U.S.N.Raju “Scale-invariant histogram of oriented gradients: novel approach for pedestrian detection in multiresolution image dataset”, Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, Accepted  July 2021. 


Sweta Panigrahi and U.S.N.Raju “Pedestrian Detection Based on Hand-crafted Features and Multi-layer Feature Fused-ResNet Model”, International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools, Accepted July 2021. 


DebanjanPathak, and U.S.NRaju . "Content-based image retrieval using Group Normalized-Inception-Darknet-53", International  Journal of  Multimedia  Information  Retrieval, July 2021.   


Morampudi, Mahesh Kumar, Munaga VNK Prasad, and U.S.N.Raju. "SviaB: Secure and verifiable multi-instance iris remote authentication using blockchain". IET Biometrics (2021).


Morampudi, Mahesh Kumar, Munaga VNK Prasad, and U.S.N.Raju. "Privacy-preserving and verifiable multi-instance iris remote authentication using public auditor".  Applied Intelligence (2021): 1-14. 


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Kumar, Morampudi Mahesh, Munaga VNK Prasad, and U.S.N.Raju. "BMIAE: blockchain-based multi-instance Iris authentication using additive ElGamal homomorphic encryption." IET Biometrics 9, no. 4 (2020): 165-177.  


Morampudi, Mahesh Kumar, Sowmya Veldandi, Munaga VNK Prasad, and U.S.N.Raju. "Multi-instance iris remote authentication using private multi-class perceptron on malicious cloud server." Applied Intelligence  50, no. 9 (2020): 2848-2866. 


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U.S.N.Raju, K. Suresh Kumar, Pulkesh Haran, Ramya Sree Boppana, and Niraj Kumar. "Content-based image retrieval using local texture features in distributed environment." International Journal of Wavelets, Multiresolution and Information Processing 18,  (2019).

SCOPUS Indexed Publications: 




Kanaparthi, Suresh Kumar, U.S.N.Raju, "Distributed Big Image Retrieval Systems using Local and Global Features with MapReduce Paradigm", International Journal of Information Technology,  Accepted, September 2021.


Sweta Panigrahi, Debanjan Pathak, U.S.N.Raju, K.V.Kadambari, Harika Ala. "Rapid Detection of COVID-19 from Medical Images using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks”, International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Inderscience, September 2020.  


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Peer-Reviewed Journals:


Suresh Kumar K, U.S.N.Raju. “Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Features for Image Retrieval”,  Advances and Applications in Mathematical Sciences, Mili Publications, Accepted, WebofScience. 2nd January 2021.  


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Book Chapters:


Suresh Kumar Kanaparthi, U.S.N.Raju “Image Retrieval using Local Majority Intensity Patterns”, Book Title: Expert Clouds and Applications, Series ISSN: 2367-3370, Published by Springer Nature, Series Title: Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems (LNNS), Series vol: 209, No: 48.  DOI: 10.1007/978-981-16-2126-0, 2021.      


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International Conference presentations:


U.S.N.Raju, Morampudi Mahesh Kumar, K Shiva Prasanth, V Sushma, Juhi Krishnamurthy. "Next generation multimedia using digital olfaction in distributed environment", IEEE International Conference on Control, Automation, Power and Signal Processing (CAPS-2021),  December10-12, 2021,  Accepted, September 2021.


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V V Krihana, V Vijaya Kumar, U.S.N.Raju, B Saritha“Classification of textures based on distance function of linear patterns using mathematical morphology,” ICEM-2005, International Conference Conducted by JNTU, Hyderabad, 28th -30th October-2005. 


National Conference presentations:


P.Sumanth Naga, R.N Likith, U.S.N.Raju. “Content Based Image Retrieval by using Different CNNs”, AICTE sponsored National E-Conference on Advances in Computer Vision, Artificial intelligence and Computer Applications (NECACAC-2020), 28th November 2020. 

Vijaya Lakshmi D, U.S.N.Raju, P.P.S. Naik, Uday Kumar V.  “Wavelet based Digital Watermarking with DES encrypted text”, National workshop on Wavelets, Multiresolution and Multifractal Analysis in Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences-current Trends, IIT Bombay,  Feb 29th -2nd March 2012. 

U.S.N.Raju, M.S. Sandeep, C. Lokesh  “Wavelet Based Edge Detection for Bone Age Assessment”, National Conference, Chennai, 2010. 

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U.S.N.Raju, Renuka Devi, V Vijaya Kumar“Edge detection using Wavelet transforms,” Proceedings of J-Talent, National Conference, Jyothishmathi College of Engg. and Technology, Hyderabad, pp. 28, 2nd and 3rd Feb-2007. 

U.S.N.Raju, V Vijaya Kumar, A. Gnaeswar Rao. “An Innovative method for the reconstruction of images after Gaussian pyramidal decomposition,” Proceedings of J-Talent, National Conference, Jyothishmathi College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, pp. 28, 2nd and 3rd Feb-2007.


U.S.N.Raju, V V Krishna“Analysis of malaria infected blood cells using morphology,” at Techno- carnival, National Conference, organized by Royal Institute of Technology and Science, Hyderabad, 3rd and 4th Feb-2006. 


V V Krishna, U. S. N. Raju“A physical model-based approach for detection of sky in photographic images,” National level Symposium; 2005, Vignan Engineering College, Hyderabad, 12th March-2005. 


A. Nagaraja Rao, U.S.N.Raju, Leela Rani, V Srikanth“A new texture segmentation method using with direction measures,” Proceedings of NVGIP-05, National Conference, JNNCE, Shimoga, Karnataka, pp. 107, 2nd and 3rd March-2005. 


Keynote Speech in Conference:

  • International Conference on “Big Data Analytics and Computational Intelligence”, 23rd – 25th March 2017, Chirala, Andhra Pradesh, India.


Session Chaired in Conference:

  • 3rd Research Day,  Research and Development Centre, CBIT, Hyderabad, India, on 28 August 2021.

  • International Conference on Computer Vision & Machine Learning, 27th – 28th December 2018, Sir C.R.Reddy College of Engineering, Andhra Pradesh, India.


As a Reviewer:   


  • Multimedia Tools and Applications-Springer
  • Sadhana Journal-Indian Academy of Sciences
  • International Journal of Speech Technology-Springer
  • International Journal of Information Technology Project Management- IGI Global
  • Journal of Mobile Multimedia-River Publishers
  • Journal of Computer Science-Science Publications



  • Computer Vision & Image Processing, CVIP-2021, Organized by IIT Ropar
  • Computer Vision & Image Processing, CVIP-2020, Organized by IIIT Allahabad

PHDs Supervised

S.No.NameResearch TopicStatus
1Mr. K Suresh KumarImage Retrieval from Big Image DataSubmitted(2021)
2Mr. M Mahesh KumarCancellable BiometricsAwarded(2020)
3Ms. Sweta PanigrahiPedestrian DetectionPursuing
4Mr. Debanjan PathakImage Retrieval using Deep LearningPursuing
5Ms. Ala HarikaDistributed Deep Learning for Image ProcessingPursuing


 FDPs/Workshops Conducted:

S.No.FDP/Workshop titleDuration
Big Image Data Processing using Deep Learning Techniques (Self Finance) 27th-31st July 2020 
5Big Image Data Processing using Machine Learning Algorithms (Self Finance)27th-31st May 2019
4Big Image Data Processing using Machine Learning Algorithms(TLC, NITW)11th -16th December 2017
3Algorithm Analysis and Design (E&ICT, NITW)29th Feb-9th March 2016
2Theory of Computation(E&ICT, NITW)18th-27th January 2016
1Computer Networking(NMEICT)28th May - 5th July 2014


Lectures delivered (More than 60) at various FDPs/Workshops/Conferences:

  • Big Image Data Processing
  • Formal languages and their role in compiler design
  • Art of Computer Programming
  • Supervised Learning Applications in Image Processing
  • Image Processing using MapReduce Paradigm
  • Image Processing and its applications
  • Automata and Compiler Design
  • Challenges in Big Image Processing
  • Image Processing with hands-on with MATLAB and HADOOP
  • Weighted Finite Automata-based Image Processing
  • Recent Development in Big  Image Data Processing
  • Digital Image Processing of Remotely Sensed Data
  • MATLAB for Technical Computing


FDPS/Workshops Attended: 

S.No.FDP/Workshop titleInstitute OrganizedDuration
19Challenges in Big Data ResearchMalaviya National Institute of Technology, (MNIT) Jaipur. 9th to 13th November 2013 
18National Workshop on Main Phase Pedagogy MethodsMHRD-IITKGP and NIT Warangal 9th to  10th  August 2013
17Teaching and Evaluation Methods for Effective LearningNIT Warangal 15th to 17th July 2013
16Image processing, Computer Vision and Pattern RecognitionNIT Delhi 18th to 22nd June 2013
15Aakash for EducationIIT Bombay and NIT Warangal10th to 11th Nov 2012
14Teaching and Learning for Excellence NIT Warangal 17th – 19th July 2012
13Introduction to Research MethodologiesNIT Warangal 25th June 2012  to 4th July 2012
12Market-Oriented Cloud Computing.Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Anantapur, A.P. 27th December 2011
11 AICTE workshop on Medical Image Processing.Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. 2nd-8th January 2011
10Advanced Software Project Management using Soft Computing Approached.Godavari Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rajahmundry, A.P. 12th-13th September 2009 
9Finite Automata and Compiler DesignChaitanya Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rajahmundry, A.P. 17th-18th July 2009
8Research MethodologiesChaitanya Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rajahmundry, A.P. 15th September 2009
 7New Trends in Image Processing Narayana Engineering College, Nellore, A.P.  30th August 2008 
6Usage of Pattern Recognition Techniques in Data MiningGodavari Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rajahmundry, A.P. 17th December 2007
5Making Academic Projects Industry OrientedCMC Ltd. & SONET, Hyderabad, A.P. 11th November 2006
4Software TestingInstitute of Public Enterprise, at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad. 30th – 31st 2006
 3Object-Oriented Analysis Design using UML & Fundamentals of Rose Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, A.P.  23rd – 27th Dec 2004 
2Remote Sensing and Satellite Image ProcessingChaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, A.P. 28th June to 9th July 2004
1Theory of ComputationSreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Hyderabad, A.P. 9th -13th June 2003



S.No.NameBudget Status

Compiler Design- Digital Lab Record   

can be accessed and used freely:   https://www.nitw.ac.in/tlc/cdlab/index.html (copy-paste in browser)

1.25 Lakh Rupees


Completed (December 2020)


'Self Satisfied' Technical Works:


Made a ‘1+115 node’ self-made in-house Hadoop cluster at NIT Warangal and processed 1.2TB of text data. YouTube link for 1+115 cluster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSryEIkNGdk (copy-paste in browser)


Made ‘1+15 node’ in-housed self-made ‘Hadoop and Spark’ clusters at NIT Warangal for compressing and decompressing more than 10 million (1 crore) images. YouTube link for 1+15 in-house cluster:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrKxdkAWQ-0 (copy-paste in browser)


Made ‘1+18 node’ self-made ‘Hadoop and Spark’ clusters in Microsoft’s Azure cloud environment and compressed and decompressed more than 200 million (20 crores) images. YouTube link for 1+18 cluster in Microsoft Azure:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FdjwVAZAis (copy-paste in browser)



S.No.Name of the WorkOrganization
1Setting up Hadoop cluster and DemonstrationNalanda Institute of Engineering and Technology, Sattenapalli, AP, India, February 201914,160/-  Rupees



S.No.MembersTitle of InventionDetails

Dr.U.S.N.Raju   and  Team

An  Electronic-Filling of Deposit and Withdrawal Form (E-FDWF) Device for Visually  Impaired and Illiterate People in Banks

Application Number: 202041048269; Date of Filing: 05/11/2020      Publication Date: 13/11/2020    Present status: Application referred u/s 12 for examination. 

2 Dr.U.S.N.Raju   and  Team A Variational Auto-Encoder Convolutional Neural Network (VAE-CNN) model to identify the prevalence of Diabetic Retinopathy disease.

Application Number: 202141020520;  Date of Filing: 05/05/2021          Publication Date: 11/06/2021      Present status: Application Awaiting Examination. 


Number of Projects guided at NIT Warangal:2012-2021(M.Tech./MCA/B.Tech.):

  • M.Tech. Projects: 21
  • MCA  Projects   :  27
  • B.Tech. Projects:  24


Awards and Honors

 Awards and Honors:

  • Secured 2nd Rank in JNTU entrance exam for  M.Tech (SE) in 1999.
  • First CSE Ph.D. from JNT University Kakinada.


Foreign Visits:

  • UK, Malaysia, China, USA, Thailand,  Hong Kong, and Taiwan.


Memberships in Technical bodies:

  • Senior Member in IEEE.
  • Fellow in the Institution of Engineers (India) [IEI]. 
  • Life member in CSI, ISTE, ISCA, IAENG and IJMSEA


Other Activities: 

  • Institute of Engineers (Warangal) CSE committee member for 2 years.
  • BOS member: JNTU Vizianagaram, SGGS-Nanded, RVR&JC-Guntur, GIET Rajahmundry.
  • Taught the course Problem Solving and Computer Programming at NITAP for one semester (2018).
  • NITAP - Departmental Purchase Committee Member for one year.  
  • Doctoral Committee Member: IGDTUW New Delhi, VIT Vellore, VIT Amaravati, and SR Amaravati, Sri Chandra Sekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya.

Additional Responsibility

 Department Level: 

  • Department Time table In-charge from January 2016- July 2021 (Ten Semesters)
  • NBA M.Tech. (CSE) Member (2014-2016)
  •  Faculty Advisor for B.Tech.-II, MCA-I, MCA-II, and MCA-III, M.Tech-I, and M.Tech.-II in the last seven years
  •  DAC - PG Member (2015-17) and DAC - UG Member(This Academic Year:2017-18 )
  • Procured MATLAB Distributed Computing Server(MDCS) with 96 workers and 8 other toolboxes, with a total worth of 13.5 Lakhs.
  •  Served as a member for MCA and B.Tech. project evaluation committee (2014-15, 2016-17)
  • Department Website in-charge 2014-15
  • Department Secretary from June 2012- December 2020
  • Laboratory in-charge for software engineering lab 2014- till date
  •  M.Tech(CSIS) BOS Member: 2015 and M.Tech.(CSE) BOS Member: 2021
  • Tour Mentor for B.Tech. students: 2012-2013


Institute Level: 

  •  Fitness club in charge: March 2021 - till date.
  •  Additional Faculty Coordinator, Centre for Career Planning and Development: March 2020 to November 2020
  •  Served as a Block Warden for two years five months (June 2014 to Nov 2016).
  •  GATE Classes under SC/ST  Scheme (for four years:2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018)
  •  TEQIP -'department Information collection' and attended a two-day workshop at Bengaluru.
  •  EPICS(Engineering Project In Community Service) Project guide for one team in 2015-16.
  • DSC member in ECE, EEE, and Civil other than our CSE department.