Department of Physics

National Institute of Technology, Warangal - 506004, Telangana, INDIA


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Interests: Condensed matter physics, Materials science, Nano Materials( Composites, Ferrites ), Thin Film Technology, Solid State Physics, Instrumentation

Prof. K. Venu Gopal Reddy, joined in Physics Department, REC Warangal as Lecturer in April 1992.  In 1997 he was promoted as Senior Lecturer.  He became Associate Professor in April 2003. He became Professor and then Head of the department from June 2018. He did his PhD from central university of Hyderabad in field of Material Science under the guidance of Prof. Anil Kumar Bhatnagar. Later continued as CSIR Post Doctoral Fellow in the Field of High Temperature supper conductors in the same lab.


Course Taught Previously


Courses Taught Previously:

ClassDepartmentSemesterCourse IDCourse Name
I M.Sc.TechPhysics1 Quantum and Statistical Mechanics, Non destructive testing
I M.Sc.TechPhysics2 Solid State Physics, Materials Science, Device material and fabrication techniques
I B.TechPhysics1 and 2 Physics theory and Lab, Electronic and Magnetic Materials

Courses Currently Being Taught:

ClassDepartmentSemesterCourse IDCourse Name
I M.Sc.TechPhysics1 Solid State Physics, Materials Science
I B.TechPhysics1 and 2 Physics theory and lab




Journal Publication Details:



Journal Name

Vol. Page. Year.

K.Venugopal Reddy,

Anneling effects on electrical resistivity,crystallizationand thermo electric powerof Iron rich metallic glassescontaing Molybdenum

J.of NonCrystalline Solids


k.Venugopal Reddy and Anil Kumar Bhatnagar

semiconducting Crystalline Se1-xTex alloys : X-ray and density measurements

I.Journal of Pure and Applied Physics


K.Venugopal Reddy and A.K.Bhatnagar

Comment 0n Optical EnergyGap of thick amorphous Selenium Film

J.Of Non-Crystalline Solids


K.Venugopal Reddy,A.K.Bhatnagarand V.Srivastava

Optical energy of amorphous Selenium :Effect of annealing

J.Physics : Applied Physics


K.Venugopal Reddy and A.K.Bhatnagar

Photoacoustic studies on Selenium based semiconducting glasses

Key Engineerig Materials


K.Venugopal Reddy,A.K.Bhatnagar and V.Srivastava

Theinfluence of antimony impurity on optical and electrical properties of amorphous Selenium

J.Physics : Condenced mater


K.Venugopal Reddy and A.K.Bhatnagar

Electrical and optical studies on amorphous Se-Te alloys

J.Physics : Applied Physics

25, 181o,1996

K.Venugopal Reddy and A.K.Bhatnagar

Amorphous Se-Te alloys :Reinvestigated

American Institute of Physics


K.Venugopal Reddy and A.R.C.Reddy

Effect of Stoicchiometry on preparation and magnetic properties of Gadolinium Iron Garnet Gd3Fe5O12 System

U.Scientist Phys.Sciences


K.Venugopal Reddy and A.R.C.Reddy

Preparation and charecterization of Roller Quenched Amorphous Se-Te films

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K.Venugopal Reddy and A.K.Bhatnagar

Difference between optical energy gaps of glassy and Crystalline Se-Te alloys

I.Journal of Pure and Applied Physics


K.Venugopal Reddy,A.K.Bhatnagar and V.Srivastava

Te Substitution in ordered dilute Se-Te alloys

Applied Physics Letters


K.Venugopal Reddy,R.Santhosh Kumar and A.R.C.Reddy

Design and development of embedded Web server for home automation

J.Instrumentation Socity of India


K. Venugopal Reddy,Ch. Sujatha, K. Sowri Babu,A. RamaChandra Reddy and K.H. Rao

Structure and Magnetic Properties of Stoichiometric, Nonstoichiometric Nicuzn Ferrites

International Journal of Materials Science


K. Venugopal Reddy,Ch. Sujatha, K. Sowri Babu,A. RamaChandra Reddy and K.H. Rao

NiCuZn Nano Ferrite Prepared by Sol Gel Poly(vinyl alcohol) Method for Multilayer Chip Inductor Applications.

Asian journal of Chemistry

K.Sowri Babu,A.RamaChandra Reddy,Ch.Sujatha, K.Venugopal Reddy ,Venkatathri.NStructural and Optical properties of ZnO nanoclusters supported on mesoporous silicaOptoelectronics and Advanced Materials ���?? Rapid Communications OAM- RC,5,92011.pp.943-647
K.Sowri Babu,A.RamaChandra Reddy,Ch.Sujatha, K.Venugopal ReddyEffect of Mg doping on photoluminescence of ZnO/MCM-41 nanocompositeCeramics International

Volume 38, Issue 7,September 2012, pp. 5949-5956.

K.Sowri Babu,A.RamaChandra Reddy,Ch.Sujatha, K.Venugopal Reddy ,Effects of precursor, temperature, surface area and excitation wavelength on photoluminescence of ZnO/mesoporous silica nanocompositeCeramics International 2012 
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Ch.Sujatha,K.Venugopal Reddy,K.Sowri Babu,A.Rama Chandra Reddy ,M.Buchi Suresh Kumar, K.H.RaoEffect of substitution of Mg,Zn for Ni on electromagnetic properties of NiCuZn ferriteJournal of physics and chemistry of solids 
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 K.Sowri Babu,A.RamaChandra Reddy,Ch.Sujatha, K.Venugopal Reddy  Annealing effect on photoluminescence of ZnO nano particles
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K.Sowri Babu,A.RamaChandra Reddy,Ch.Sujatha, K.Venugopal Reddy, A. N. mallikaSynthesis and optical characterization of porous Zno
Journal of Advance Ceramics

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K. Prabahar, N. Shara Sowmya, k.V.G.Reddy, Josephine Mirunalini, A. Srinivas and S.V.Kamat
Development of lead-free magneto-electric laminates of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 -
0.3Dy0.7Fe1.95 for power generation
Physics B
(2014), 448, 336-340
N. Shara Sowmya, A. Srinivas, K. Venu Gopal Reddy, J. Paul Praveen, Dibakar Das
Effect of magnetic field annealing on magneto-elastic properties of nanocrystalline NiFeO4Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials2017
N. Shara Sowmya, A. Srinivas, K. Venu Gopal Reddy, J. Paul Praveen, Dibakar DasMagnetoelectric coupling studies on (x) (0.5BZT-0.5BCT)-(100-X) NiFe2O4 [x=90-70wt%] particulate composteCeramic International  
N. Shara Sowmya, A. Srinivas, K. Venu Gopal Reddy, J. Paul Praveen, Dibakar DasStudies on magnetoelectric coupling in lead-free  (0.5BZT-0.5BCT) NiFe2O4 laminated composites at low and EMR frequenciesJournal of Alloys and Compounds2018
Adiraj Srinivas, N. Shara Sowmya, K. Venugopal Reddy and S.V.Kamat
Title: : Enhanced magneto-electric coefficient in layered BCNT-NFO multiferroic



PHDs Supervised


  • Miss Ch.Sujatha, Ph.D. Degree awarded
  • Mr. K. Sowri Babu, Ph.D. Degree awarded
  • Miss. A. Mallika, Ph.D. Degree awarded
  • Miss. N. Sara Sowmya,Ph.D. Degree awarded
  • Mr. P. Sreenath, (Ongoing)




 Fabrication and Characterization of Devise
Oriented Thin Films of V2O5 was carried out and successfully completed

Awards and Honors


Additional Responsibility

  • Head Department of Physics from June 2018
  •  Associate Dean Examination since June 2016 to May 2018
  • Officer In-charge for NIT AP since August 2016
  • Physics Dept. NITW Material Science Lab In-charge since March 2015
  • Deputy Chief Warden March 2009-March 2011
  • Mess Warden January 2003 -January 2006
  • Library Advisor since June 2007
  • Faculty advisor of Physics Association (for 10 years)
  • B.Tech UG Lab In-Charge 2002-2016
  • NIT AP Physics Classes for 2 semesters
  • Conduction of Physics theory classes for B.Tech students at NIT AP