DR. B.Sobha

Associate Professor

Department of Physics

National Institute of Technology, Warangal - 506004, Telangana, INDIA

: rangarao@nitw.ac.in

: 08702462574

Interests: Sensors, Transducers and related Electronics/instrumentation;Materials for solar energy and energy harvesting applications ; Material Science

Education :

B.Sc. (1977) : Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh

M.Sc (Tech ) Engineering Physics from Regional Engineering College ( now NIT) Warangal

PhD  : Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai

Service : 



Year of Service



PB Siddartha Engineering College, Vijayawada

Aug 1988 to May 1989



University of Perugia , Perugia , Italy

October 1989 to September 1990 & April 1991 to Sept 1991 



Regional Engineering College, Warangal

3-6-92 to 2-6-96



REC, Warangal

3-6-96 to30-3-2003

Senior Lecturer


NIT , Warangal

1-4-2003 to1-4-2006

Associate Professor


NIT, Warangal

1-4-2006 to present

Associate Professor





 Electronics , instrumentation , sensors and Material Sciences






































Course Taught Previously

Courses Handled /Handling UG / PG level /Ph.D

UG level : 

Physics (Theory and Laboratory ) , Materials Science 

PG (MSc(Tech) Engineering Physics 

Courses Handled

(a) Electronic Devices and Circuits

( b) Digital Electronics

(c) Control Systems 

(d)Data Aquisition Systems

( e) Communication Systems

  (f) Electronic Instrumentation

(g )  Industrial  Electronics

(h) Sensors and Transducers

(j) Digital Systems and Microprocessors

Courses Currently Handling

(k) Measurement Techniques and error analysis

(l) Signal conditioning Circuits

(m) Data Communications


 Ph.D level

  1. a) Nanostructured Materials for Solar Thermal applications

  2. ) Selective solar absorber coatings and Testing Methods



Experience in years (as on     March  2016)


Teaching            :      24 Years

Research            :      24 Years





International/National Journals


Development of an internal friction spectrometer for low temperature relaxation studies by B.Sobha , Y V G S Murti and B. Subrahmanyam , Journal of instrument Society of India , vol 16 1986, pp239-246


Low frequency internal friction spectra of Cu 0.81 Pd 0.19 alloy  by B.Sobha and Y V G S Murti , Bulletin of Material Sciences , vol 11 o 4, 1988, pp 319-328


The diffusion of hydrogen in disordered and ordered Pd3Mn as studied using Gorsky relaxation by B.Sobha, B.Coluzzi, C.Costa, and F.M.Mazzolai ,Jou. Less Common Metals , vol 172-174, 1991, pp262-270


Oxygen and Hydrogen mobiities in a Ta75Nb25 alloy as studied by anelastic techniques  by A. Biscarini ,B. Coluzzi, C.Costa , B.Sobha, F.M. Mazzolai and H.K. birbam , Defect and Difusion Forum, vol 95-98193, pp353-358


Diffusion of Hydrogen in a TaNb alloy   by  B.Coluzzi, B.Sobha, A.Biscarni, and F.M.Mazzolai, Zeit Fur PhysilkChemie., vol 181 , 1993, s111-117


Hydrogen interactions as studied by internal friction and solubility measurements in a Pd3Mn alloy by B. Sobha, B. Coluzzi , F. M. Mazzolai, A. P Craft and T.D. Flanaganm Journal of Phys, Condensed Matter , vol. 4, 1992, p3377-87


A study of diffusion in a a-Pddeuteride by Gorsky relaxation  by   B. Coluzzi, B.Sobha , A. Biscarini , F. M. Mazzolai and R. M. Mcnichol , Solid State Comms., vol.83, no. 8, 1992, p643-647


Effect of stoichiometry on preparation and magnetic properties of Gadolinium Iron garnet ( Gd2Fe5O19) system by A R C Reddy , K.M. Rao, K.V.G.Reddy and B.Sobha , U Scientist of Physical Sciences , vol. 6 no 1, 1994, pp94-97


Microcontroller based CDMA encoder -design and development by C. Amith Kumar, S.P.Dash , and B.Sobha , Jou. Instument Society of Inda , vol 38, no.2, 2008, p 92-102


POF Based Local (Point ) sensor for crack opening studies : Application in Concrete"K.Samrajyam , B.Sobha, T D GunneswaraRao ,in. i-manager 's Journal on Civil Engineering, Vol. 1 l No. 4 l September - November 2011


Microcontroller based low cost strain measurement in a single ended cantilever beam using a plastic optical fiber " by   K .Samrajyam and B. Sobha in Physics Education, Apr - Jun 2012


Plastic optic fiber ( POF) based Phase difference measurement method for estimation of crack mouth opening displacement (CMOD)  in  Concrete "  by  K.Samrajyam, B.Sobha , T.D. GunneswaraRao and R.L.N.Saiprasad , in i-manager's journal of Civil Engineering , vol.4 , no. 2, March-May 2014, pp13-19


Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensor for estimation of Crack Mouth Opening Displacement (CMOD) in concrete, K. Samrajyam, B. Sobha, R.L.N. Sai Prasad, and T.D. GunneswaraRao, Journal of Optics,( Springer) published on line , 2nd November 2015, DOI 10.1007/s12596-015-0308- 




DC Electric Field Measurement Using FBG Sensor” H. Anirudh, M. Venkata Reddy, R.L.N. Sai Prasad, B. Sobha* presented at Workshop on Recent Advances in Photonics -2015, WRAP-2015  held at IISC Bangalore , Dec 2015, published in IEEE digital Library, 2016 


"Zirconia nanoparticles embedded spinel selective absorber coating for high performance in open atmospheric condition " M. Shiva Prasad , B. Mallikarjun,, M. Ramakrishna, J. Joarder, B. Sobha, S. Sakthivel , Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, (2018), vol.174 , 423–432


" Estimation of Crack Mouth Opening Displacement in Concrete Using Optical Fiber Sensors " by Sobha B ,Samrajyam  K , Sai Prasad RLN  and Rao TDG , Optometry :  Open Access  2018, vol3, no 1.

 17 High Performance and Thermally Stable Tandem Solar Selective Absorber Coating for Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (CSP) Application " by M. Shiva Prasad , K. K. Phani Kumar , S R Atchuta , B. Sobha ,  S Sakthivel , presented and accepted for publication in AIP Conference proceedings " International Conf on Nano Materials for Energy Conversion and storage applications  held at Gandhinagar, Jan 2018

Conference Publications



Anelastic relaxations due to hydrogen and deuterium in disordered and ordered Pd3Mn system by B.Sobha ,B.Coluzzi, F. M. Mazzolai , T . B. Flanagan and Y. Sakamoto presented at 6th European Conference on Internal Friction and Ultrasonic Attenuation in Solids held from 4-7th September , 1991, Cracow , Poland


The diffusion of H in disordered and ordered Pd3Mn as suded by Gorsky relaxation by B.Sobha, B .Coluzzi , F.M. Mazzolai, T.B. Flanagan and Y. Sakamoto at 6th E European Conference on Internal Friction and Ultrasonic Attenuation in Solids held from 4-7th September , 1991, Cracow , Poland


Crack Mouth Opening Displacement Studies in Concrete and in Wooden Beams by K. Samrajyam, B.Sobha, T.D GunneswaraRao, R.L.N Sai Prasad in ISBN-978-81-920889-5-2 Latest advancements in Civil Engineering-601206,2013


Optical Sensor Based Crack opening Displacement Studies in Concreteby K. Samrajyam, B. Sobha, T.D GunneswaraRao, in ISBN 978-81-921121-0-7RECENT ADVANCES IN CIVIL ENGINEERING-2011 469 . , held at IT BHU , Varanasi


DC Electric Field Measurement Using FBG Sensor” H. Anirudh, M. Venkata Reddy, R.L.N. Sai Prasad, B. Sobha* presented at Workshop on Recent Advances in Photonics -2015 held at IISC Bangalore , Dec 2015

 6High Performance and Thermally Stable Tandem Solar Selective Absorber Coating for Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (CSP) Application " by M. Shiva Prasad , K. K. Phani Kumar , S R Atchuta , B. Sobha ,  S Sakthivel , presented at International Conf on Nano Materials for Energy Conversion and storage applications  held at Gandhinagar, Jan 2018

PHDs Supervised


Phds Supervised :

(a)  No. of M.Sc (Tech )  Dissertations Guided:   27       

  (b) No. of Ph.D. guided:                                                :  01

             Title : Studies on Estimation of Crack Mouth Opening Displacement in Concrete using Optical Fiber   Sensors  " by K. Samrajyam ( Awarded degree in, 2015)

     No. of Ph.D. Scholars  under  guidance            :  02

                    (i)   M. Shiva Prasad   , SRF, ARCI, Hyderabad   --with thesis title "Development of solar selective absorber                                        coatings for concentrating solar power applications "---on  going

                     (ii)  Ms N. Manjula , Institute Scholar...   Materials Science   ongoing 






Name of the Course



Faculty 's  Precise role/Certificate awarded

QIP summer school on fractals in Nature and their realization in Computer Vision and graphics

IIT Kharagpur

2-8 May 1994


Workshop on Analytical Instrumenattion and techniques

Kakatiya University

21st-28th Nov 1994


ISTE Summer School on  Role of Instrumentation in Computers and Control Systems 

JNTU College of Engg, Kakinada

15th-27th May 1995


AICTE/ISTE  Summer school on  Institutional planning and Management

KREC Suratkal

5-11th January, 1997


AICTE/ISTE  summer school on Entrepreneurship development



10th-21st June , 1997


QIP short term course on  Electrochemical Techniques: Principles and Practise 

IIT, Bombay

11-th-16th June, 1998


AICTE /ISTE STTP on EMTP, MATLAB,PSICE, pacakages and their relevance to Electrical Engineering

REC Warangal

27-12-99 to 8-1-2000


AICTE/ISTE STTP on  Medical information and Informatics 

REC Warangal

5th-16th June 2000


AICTE/ISTE STTP on  Computer control of Chemical Proceses-2001

REC, warangal

11th -23rd June , 2001


  Digital Control

IIT Bombay

2-24th June 2005


National Workshop on Instrumentation and measurement techniques

School of Physics,


University, Tiruchirapalli

14-15th March 2005


Capacity building for women managers in Higher Education

NIT, Warangal

16th-20th July, 2006


5-day training Programme on

Advanced Communication


ECE Department,

NIT Warangal

1-5th October 2007


Hands on Engineering using Lab view

Mysore , conducted by IUCEE

July 2008


Graphical System Design with Labview II


Mysore, IUCEE

6th-10th July,2009


Conferences attended/to





Sixth European Conference on Internal Friction and ultrasonic attenuation in solids

Cracow, Poland

4-7th Sept.1991

Paper presentation as part of PDF work

14th World conference on Non Destructive testing


6th to 7th December 1996


National Conference on Physical sciences and Engineering Education

REC Warangal

9th-11th July, 1999



National Symposium on Instrumentation (NSI-30)

University of Cochin

30th Nov. to 2nd December 2005

Presented paper

National Symposium on Instrumentation (NSI-31)

ITM , Gwalior

October 2006


National workshop on Nuclear Energy and Applications (NEA-2009)

NIT, warangal

21st-22nd March 2009


Recent Advances in Civil Engineering (RACE-2011)



Poster presentation

Workshop on Recent Advances in Photonics (WRAP2015)

IISC , Bangalore

December 2015

Poster presentation

BITs 6th Annual World Congress of Advanced Materials (WCAM-2017

Xian, China

14th-16 th June 2017

Invited Talk

 The 7th Annual Conference of AnalytiX-2019 (AnalytiX-2019)


 11th to 14 th april, 2019






Title of the course

Organized during



GIAN Course OnNew Effects and Materials for Acoustoelectronic and Other Acoustic Sensors

Nov 6th to 11, 2017

Faculty of Engineering colleges and field Engineers, scientists from National Laboratories

 Coordinator of GIAN workshop

Hands on experience of Virtual Instrumentation application in Engineering and Technology

7th to 13th December 2009

Faculty of Engineering colleges and field Engineers

Co Coodinator of MHRD sponsored workshop organised by Department of ECE, NIT Warangal






Research Projects completed

(a) Co Investigator in Microcontroller Based Photoplethysmographic Sensor for Cardiac Function Studiessanctioned by MHRD  for 14 lakhs ( Year of Completion 2006)

(b) Principal Investigator in Minor Project "Development of acoustic emission based instrumentation for NDE of materials"  sanctioned under Centre of Excellence funds at REC Warangal ( Completed in 2001)

(c) Principal  Investigator  in  Minor Project Optical sensor based instrumentation for crack mouth opening displacement in concrete " sanctioned by Andhra Pradesh Council of Science and Technology ( Year of Completion 2010)

(d) Principal Investigator  in Minor Project Crack width measurement and estimation studies in concrete using optical fibre technique "sanctioned under Research Seed Money at NIT Warangal ( Year of Completion 2013)


Awards and Honors


Additional Responsibility


Served/serving  as

(a)  Ladies Hostel Warden

(b) Faculty advisor for Library committee of Department of Physics 

(c ) Faculty advisor for T& P for Department of Physics

(d) Lab in Charge , analytical and Process Instrumentation  Lab since July 2017

(e) Contributing to the syllabus preparation  and cordination for Instrumentation 

       stream of M.Sc(Tech) Engineering Physics  course