Dr. Hitesh Borkar

Assistant Professor

Department of Physics

National Institute of Technology, Warangal - 506004, Telangana, INDIA

: bhitesh@nitw.ac.in

: 8447287127

Interests: Ferroelectric Photovoltaics Electronic materials for light harvesting applications Opto-Electronic Devices


Course Taught Previously



  1. Origin of High Nonradiative Recombination and Relevant Optoelectronic Properties of Ba2Bi1+xNb1xO6: Candidate for Photo(electro)catalysis and Photovoltaic Applications? Jiban Kangsabanik, Hitesh Borkar, Bhawna, Mohd Salman Siddiqui, M. Aslam, and Aftab Alam, Adv. Optical Mater., 2000901, 1-10 (2020)
  2. Structural transformations and physical properties of (1 − x) Na5Bi0.5TiO3 − x BaTiO3 solid solutions near a morphotropic phase boundary, H. S. Mohanty, T. Dam, Hitesh Borkar, D. K. Pradhan , K. K. Mishra, A. Kumar, B. Sahoo, P. K Kulriya, C. Cazorla, J. F. Scott and D. K Pradhan, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter, 31 075401 (2019).
  3. Giant Enhancement in Ferroelectric Polarization under Illumination, Hitesh Borkar, V. Rao, M. Tomar, V. Gupta, J. F. Scott, A. Kumar, Materials Today Communications, Elsevier 14, 116 (2018).
  4. Effects of light on ferroelectric polarization and leakage current, Hitesh Borkar, A. Kumar, Vacuum Elesvier, 253, 91 (2018).
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  7.  Antisite disorder-driven large electric polarization in multiferroic Nd2CoMnO6 A Rathi, Hitesh Borkar, P. K. Rout, A. Gupta, H. K. Singh, A. Kumar, B Gahtori, R. P. Prasad Pant, G. A. Basheed, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 50, 465001, (2017)
  8. Experimental verification of the ab initio phase transition sequence in SrZrO3 and comparisons with SrHfO3 and SrSnO, A. Kumar, S. Kumari, Hitesh Borkar, R. S. Katiyar, J. F. Scott, NPJ Computational Materials, 2, 1 (2017) (Nature Publishing Group).
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  12. Polaron-electron assisted giant dielectric dispersion in SrZrO3 high-k dielectric. Hitesh Borkar, A. Barvat, P. Pal, A. K. Shukla, J. J. Pulikkotil, A. Kumar, Journal of Applied Physics, 119, 214101 (2016).
  13. Novel optically active lead-free relaxor ferroelectric (Ba0.6Bi0.2Li0.2)TiO3, Hitesh Borkar, V. Rao, S. Dutta, A. Barvat, P. Pal, M Tomar, V. Gupta, J. F. Scott, A. Kumar, Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, 28, 265901 (2016).
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  15. Competing magnetic interactions and low temperature magnetic phase transitions in composite multiferroics. Hitesh Borkar, R. J. Choudhary, V. N. Singh, M. Tomar, V. Gupta, A. Kumar, Materials Research Express, 2, 086101 (2015).
  16. Electro-mechanical properties of free standing micro- and nano-scale polymer-ceramic composites for energy density capacitors, P. Singh, Hitesh Borkar, B.P. Singh, V. N. Singh, A. Kumar, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 648, 698 (2015).
  17. Electroforming free high resistance resistive switching of graphene oxide modified polar- PVDF, A. Thakre, Hitesh Borkar, B. P. Singh, A. Kumar, RSC Advances, 5, 57406 (2015).
  18. Light assisted irreversible resistive switching in ultra thin hafnium oxide, Hitesh Borkar, A. Thakre, S. S. Kushvaha, R. P. Aloysius, A. Kumar, RSC Advances, 5, 35046 (2015).
  19. Ferroelectric polymer-ceramic composite thick films for energy storage applications. P Singh, Hitesh Borkar, B. P. Singh, V. N. Singh, A. Kumar, AIP Advances, 4, 087117 (2014).
  20. Impedance Spectroscopy Study in the vicinity of Ferroelectric Phase Transition. H. Borkar, M Tomar, V. Gupta, A. Kumar, Science Letters, 4, 88 (2015).
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  22. Photoconductivity and photo-detection response of multiferroic bismuth iron oxide, A. Anshul, Hitesh Borkar*, P. Singh, P. Pal, S. S. Kushvaha, A. Kumar, Applied Physics Letters, 104, 132910 (2014)(*equal contribution in first author)


*  Flexoelectricity in Bulk and Nanoscale Polar and Non-Polar Dielectrics, A. Kumar, Hitesh Borkar, Solid State Phenomena, 232, 213 (2015); Theme: Ferroic Materials: Synthesis and Applications.

# Hitesh Borkar, Ashok Kumar: Conduction phenomenon of Al3+ modified lead free (Na0.5Bi0.5)0.92Ba0.08TiO3 electroceramics, DAE SOLID STATE PHYSICS SYMPOSIUM, 1731, 110029 (2016).

Granted patent “Multi-states nonvolatile opto-ferroelectric memory material and process for preparing the same” A. Kumar, Hitesh Borkar, V. Rao, M .Tomar, V. Gupta (USA Patent No: US 10, 115 , 456 B2, Date of patent: Oct . 30 , 2018).

Filed patent: “Low cost and high sensitivity polar-resistive humidity sensor” A. Kumar, Ravikant, S. Singh, Hitesh Borkar, G. Gupta, S. Singh, P. K Dubey, S. Yadav, V. N. Ojha. (Application No: 201711040726 Registration No: 00150NF2017)

PHDs Supervised




  • Paper presented at National Conference on Advances in Engineering Materials (NAEM-2015) March 20-22, 2015 “Ferroelectric and Leakage Properties of Poled and Unpoled Al-Doped (Na5Bi0.5)0.92Ba0.08TiO3 Lead-Free Electroceramics.”
  • Paper presented at International Conference on Magnetic Materials andApplications (ICMAGMA – 2015), VIT University, Vellore 632 014, INDIA 02 – 04, December 2015 “Evidence of Magnetic Frustration in Multiferroic Composite”
  • Paper presented in DAE-SSPS-2015, AMITY University, NOIDA, Delhi 21-25, December 2015 “Conduction Phenomenon of Al3+ Modified Lead Free (Na5Bi0.5)0.92Ba0.08TiO3 Electroceramics”
  • Paper presented at ISAF/ECAPD/PFM Conference, Darmstadt, Germany 21-25th August 2016 in “Lead-free Anti-ferroelectric Relaxor for Energy Harvesting Application”
  • Paper presented at ICTAM-AMF-10 Conference, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007, 7-11th November 2016 in “Novel optically active Relaxor ferroelectric”
  • Paper presented at International Conference on CRYSTAL BALL VISION ON SCIENCE& ENGINEERING FOR SOCIETAL UPLIFTMENT at CSIR - National Institute of Oceanography Dona Paula- 403004, Goa, India. 7-8th August, 2017 in “Lead-free Relaxor-ferroelectric for Energy Harvesting and Storage Applications”



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